Mountain Expedition Party: Full CPR Guide May 2021

Hey readers!

As of today, the Club Penguin Rewritten team has finally released the grand Mountain Expedition Party! Penguins are now able to explore one of Club Penguin’s giant mountains, filled with puzzles and many awesome items for you to collect! Below is a full guide to the Mountain Expedition Party to make sure that you don’t miss any of the new exclusive items.

To begin the expedition, head over to the Ski Village, which has newly been re-decorated! Pass through the arch to head up the mountain.

You will find yourself in a newly set-up campsite!

Click on this little box to obtain the free Chilly Trek Hat!

Click on the paper parchment at the bottom right of your screen for a great Mountain Expedition Catalogue!

Inside the cave you enter from the campsite, click on all the icicles to make them disappear and open a pathway!

Going through the pathway, you will find yourself at a makeshift campsite along the trail. Continue up the mountain when you’re ready!

In the next cave, you can click on the ice structure at the bottom right to enter a secret room! Return to the cave when you’re ready

Once you’re in the cave again, click on the axe lodged in the snow, and then click it once more when it’s in the air to cut down the wooden log.

Once the wooden tree stump has been chopped down, throw snow balls at the icicles shown below and watch the log fly!

Cross your newly made bridge to finally reach the Mountain Summit!

When you’ve finally reached the Summit, head to the fish dog cart and collect the new Picnic Basket Pin!

You can also collect a cool Red Flag! (A possible item for your PIC uniform???)

Last but not least, stand in front of the camera and click on it to receive the Mountain Summit Background!

That is all the new content from Club Penguin Rewritten’s new Mountain Expedition. I hope you enjoyed this guide and found it useful. Be sure to keep an eye out for guides like this one for other parties n the future!

Creator and former Commander-in-Chief

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