CP Rewritten: Free Items Daily – “Rockhopper’s Daily Treasure”!

Hello Confeds!

The Club Penguin Rewritten team has released a brand new way for users to obtain rare and unique items for free! Every day, penguins will be allowed to redeem one free new item from the new “Rockhopper’s Daily Treasure” interface. Rarer items are accumulated the more weeks you log on in a row. It has been teased that new items such as a Maroon Penguin Colour will be released in rare item chests! Below is a guide for how to obtain Rockhopper’s new items.

A new icon has appeared at the top right of the user interface, next to the moderator badge!

Clicking the icon reveals a brand new screen! Clicking “open chest” will play a short video advertisement before giving you your free item (does not work with AdBlock!)

Once you’ve watched the advertisement (which will vary in length), you will receive your first free item! All item drops are random, and I’ve taken the liberty to unlock three boxes on different accounts to showcase some different possible items!

That’s all folks! Be sure to log on daily to receive your own rare items from Rockhopper’s Daily Treasure. Until next time!

Creator and former Commander-in-Chief

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