Battle + Find Four Tournament VS ACP

Good morning, evening or night depending on what time you’re reading this. Today, The People’s Imperial Confederation battled the amazing ACP and after some stunning tactics from both ends we played a friendly game of Find Four on Club Penguin Rewritten with me {Maya} leading and Cabin’s lovely support. After spending our time with ACP in Iceberg, we had already had so much fun and then played Find Four which was also very enjoyable. We maxed a total of 7 lovely people that joined us. Well done to all who came and u all were amazing. Thank you ACP for making it a greatly fun and enjoyable event and, like others, I can’t wait to cross paths with u all again. I hope everyone reading this has a fabulous day!

Thank u Fat Chicken btw you were amazing ♡ !

∩ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔつ━━★.・。*༶・✧Ily

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