[EU] – Mining & Dance Contest

Hello Comrades! It’s been a while since I have been here writing a blog post but it’s finally time I write one!

Today we logged onto the very depressing Abomiable, because why not, to host our very own Mining & Dance Contest event! After the event, we headed to the mines where some questionable things were said when giving troops instructions on how to mine..

The things in question in which we will not be elaborating on in this time period. It is not what you think.

After we did get all our clothes off and mining, the time went by extremely quickly and we headed to the nightclub for some old-fashioned Dance Contest. We kicked it off with some unfortunate news that Lizzie told everyone to go onto multiplayer and it made some people’s CPR freeze. Whoopsies! The winner ended up being an unknown person, I’m joking, it was RaiRai. We maxed around five, new world-record! Thanks everyone for attending.

This post was written by Lizzie, a PIC 4ic with 100% not knowing how to countdown experience.

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