Challengers Cup 2 Grand Finals: Our Flame Never Dies

Hello People’s Imperial Confederation!

In the absence of Commanders-in-Chief Shallissa and Legoman I find myself once more sitting before my laptop screen at four in the morning. Here I was, leading this army once again in the Grand Finale of the Challengers Cup 2, just as I had in the original Challengers Cup last year. We the Confederation, dauntless and powerful, logged on in an attempt to seize the trophy despite the loss of Shallissa’s wisdom and Legoman’s ginormous biceps.

We fought valiantly and remained a stalwart in opposition to our ally, the Fire Warriors. I cannot praise our performance enough. I am proud of every single one of you and none of you should ever forget what we have achieved. We are perhaps the most significant S/M army of the CPPS army era, among the likes of the Pizza Federation and others, and today we proved why that is the case. We wouldn’t be such an amazing community without all of you.

We went head to head with FW and performed phenomenally. Thank you to Supreme for assistance in leading, as well as those who helped to relay my tactics from the voice channel into text. Both sides acknowledged that the battle was far closer than the 3-0 loss decision made by the judges. Contesting the score would be futile as I believe FW deserve this victory wholeheartedly, congratulations to our amazing allies! They have progressed so much over the past year and are deserving of recognition for their efforts.

This is not the end. Thank you to the entire army for letting me lead you in battle once more. I cherish every single one of you. The rise continues. Viva Victory, Imperatoria!

Max: 19

Starting Room:

Room One:

Room Two:

Room Three:

Until next time!

Creator and First Secretary

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