[EU] Champions Cup VI Round One

Hello, Confederates!

Today we logged onto Sleet, Club Penguin Rewritten, to face off against the Water Vikings in Round One of the Champions Cup VI tournament. We had a lot of fun battling it out today, and, if you attended, I hope you did too.

Those who attended earned the exclusive Medal of Excellence, an award available for this tournament only. This award signifies participation in this tournament. You can earn this award if you do not have it already by attending our next tournament battle on Friday, October 15, against the Red Ravagers!

Medal of Excellence Recipients From Today’s Battle:
– Aidan
– Cabin
– ChilledNico
– Lizzie
– Maya
– Mummy
– RaiRai
– Sam
– Sarus
– Slick
– Ugly

Max: 11

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