[US] Invasion of Berg vs Water Vikings (VICTORY)

Greetings Confederates!

We logged onto Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten today for our second battle against the Water Vikings army. With the Water Vikings server completely dead we didn’t expect the Western Bloc to show up to our Invasion of Berg, yet they attended in an attempt to catch us off guard. With a maximum size of 18 we defeated the Bloc convincingly, becoming victorious in the Stadium and Ice Berg despite a loss in the Mine Shack. Thank you to all of those who attended, the server Berg is now ours! The might of the People has established our presence on the Eastern Front.

Size Picture:

Starting Room:

[L] Room 1 (Mine Shack):

(No one took any pictures lol)

[W] Room 2 (Stadium):

[W] Room 3 (Ice Berg):

Until next time!

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