Desolating Troy: Declaration of War on the Trojans

This is an official statement from the Cabinet of the People’s Imperial Confederation Congress of Soviets.

The People’s Imperial Confederation is an army that thrives on subjugation. Unlike how some will characterize this post, we, the Confederates, do not desire this war out of malice or a desire for retaliation. The Trojans army has not wronged us, but in our journey of conquest they seem to be the most optimal opponent. This is not with the goal of gaining land, we will likely return servers to our opposition following the war. We hope for a fun and competitive conflict between our armies.

The People’s Imperial Confederation declares war on the Trojans of Club Penguin (The War of the Old World).

The following terms apply to both the CPAHQ and CPAN leagues;

  • Server transfers are hereby frozen. Neither army shall send or receive servers from third-party armies until such time that this war may be deemed to be concluded either by treaty or submission.
  • The usage of allies is forbidden. No merges or acquisition of colonies may happen until the war concludes.
  • The usage of troops that are dual enlisted is allowed. However, troops that have dual enlisted following the publication of this declaration are forbidden.
  • No Doxxing, DDoSing, excessive harassment, multilogging, botting, or any other form of cheating.
  • All battles must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance with option of scheduling up to two invasions at the time, and the planner of said invasions must notify the defending army’s leaders.
  • All battles will count towards a total war score.
  • All battles must be held on the Club Penguin Rewritten Private Server, in the interest of safety purposes.
  • Any violation of the terms above will result in an automatic defeat
  • The losing army in this conflict must accept the terms of a treaty imposed by the winning side.

Invasion of Athens : Thursday, 23th of December 2021: 9:00 PM EST

P.S.: Peace and love, you can ask me to make you ranks page graphics instead of copying and cropping ours. Offer still stands.


Sidie9, Creator and Commander-in-Chief
Shallissa, Commander-in-Chief
Cabin0416, Commander-in-Chief
Hidcre, Commander-in-Chief

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