[PIC Minigame Championship 2022: Day 1] CPR Jet Pack Adventure Event

Attention, Confederates:

Today, January 10, 2022, we logged onto Marshmallow, Club Penguin Rewritten, for the first event of the…

PIC Minigame Championship 2022

As will every event this week, this event had three rounds with each having one winner. During each round, whoever had the highest score after the first level of the Jet Pack Adventure minigame was deemed the winner of the round in specific. Each win of each round during each event will be counted at the end of the week and whoever has the highest number of wins will be deemed the PIC Minigame Champion of 2022!

This week is going to be huge, so make sure to try to attend the other minigame events later this week!


Results From Today’s Event

Round One
1st Place – Maya

2nd Place – Sam
3rd Place – Plays

Round Two
1st Place – Cabin

2nd Place – Sam
3rd Place – Plays

Round Three
1st Place – Cabin

2nd Place – Maya
3rd Place – Iyesha


Max: 8

Max photo


PIC Commander-in-Chief & President of the Congress of Soviets

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