[AUSIA] AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition (RESULTS)

Hey Confeds!

The Confederation logged onto Sleet for the first round of the AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition. As someone who has been around since the first inclusion of AUSIA in the community this battle meant a lot to me. This battle was not a disappointment whatsoever, we fought our absolute hardest and went the distance with the Secret Service army, We unfortunately lost, winning one room and losing the other two, but this battle was a pleasure to lead and I am immensely proud of you all. We are not a strong AUSIA army yet we held our own. Thank you to Cabin for calling the rooms and Bam117 for assisting with tactics when I was preoccupied. I love you all.

Max Size: 8

Room 1 (Underground Pool):

Room 2 (Forest):

Room 3 (Ice Rink):

Until next time!

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