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If you missed the previous drama:
– Original post made by Water Vikings: https://wvofcp.com/2022/01/29/picrasite/
– PIC’s response: https://picclubpenguin.com/2022/01/29/go-home-dino-youre-drunk/
– Water Vikings’ statement: https://wvofcp.com/2022/01/30/official-leadership-response-to-sidie9-and-the-piccp/

Water Vikings, I’m not sure where this main character energy you keep projecting onto us is coming from. Nothing about this has ever been about you. The only reason we declared war on you during World War VIII was because we wanted to get involved in the Vengenace Alliance and help defend our allies, going to war with you was the best way to do so. Declaring war on you benefited our army and our alliance so that’s what we did, it’s truly that simple. Despite what you think, we do not hate you and we never have. Stop twisting the narrative that our declaration of war was anything besides wanting to help our allies and be involved in the war.

I find the fact that you have spent months preparing for a war against us absolutely hilarious, I find your propaganda against us even funnier. PIC is not problematic and we haven’t done anything to wrong you besides supporting our allies in a World War against you and your alliance. Any recent aggression you are experiencing from us now is in direct response to your actions and words towards our army. We have been perfectly fine co-existing with you, we have shown no hostility towards you since the war ended. Even throughout the war, we respected your army and leadership because all we wanted was to have fun and compete.

The stupidest part of this entire thing is you literally missed the entire point of Sidie’s post. Since your war plans were leaked, your army has been nothing but hostile and uncharitable towards us. Dino’s post was idiotic and unnecessary and was only published as propaganda to create drama. Dino made thoughtless claims that had no evidence, so Sidie did the same thing in an attempt to show you how stupid your post was. It was a complete meme, but nice try with your statement. Dino, you spent your entire first post making baseless claims and reaching for controversies that didn’t exist. Never in Sidie’s post did she call Dino transphobic, never in Sidie’s post did she call Aaron a misogynist. She was simply returning the same unfounded behavior Dino showed PIC by making far-fetched statements. I know you’re living for the drama and would love to think that Sidie’s post was a genuine attempt to cancel Aaron and Dino, however that is completely false (she would have put much more time into it if she was actually trying to cancel you). If Sidie truly felt Aaronstone hated women you are absolutely correct, she would advocate for his removal from his CPAHQ staff positions. All she did was match your energy and you were too idiotic and full of yourselves to even realize it.

By the way, while I have you here. That last screenshot was actually me.

Your post was humorous though, and calling us out for “running from a war” was ironic, considering Water Vikings transferred every bit of their CPAN territory to the Rebel Penguin Federation back in August during our war against Golden Troops/Post Malone Army, out of fear of PIC declaring war on them (we had no plans to btw). You can continue to hate us and think our actions were cowardly, we don’t care. If anything, I enjoy the fact that our “glorified S/M army” threatens you this much. WV is a Major Army, why don’t you take Aaronstone’s own advice and pick on an army in your own size category.

We’re not interested in war at this time, but if you’re that desperate for conflict and “keeping the community active” I’m sure the Templars are more than willing to meet you on the battlefield. You did encourage Xing to pick on armies in his own size category after all. You may think of us as cowardly, but at least we never wrote a four month long treaty to hide behind. You can continue to write your posts about us but we have nothing more to say to your army.

Also, I just wanna put it out there that ThePieLord, Aydoon2, and More Espresso Less Depresso (Welp) are literal children (around 13 years old) who are very proud that they ended up in an official army statement. I find their actions to be age appropriate and harmless I’m not gonna shun them for it. They appreciate the shoutout though

Out of everything I’ve read over the past few days, the most damning thing has to be this comment left on our last website post to Water Vikings

Even if a member of Water Vikings did not leave this comment, these are the types of people they have defending their army. Their behavior and belittling attitude towards us has summoned that type of hatred and transphobia. Is that something to be proud of Aaron and Dino? You have never and will never see any behavior like this from a PIC troop towards anyone in your army. And in the off chance you did see that, they’d be dealt with accordingly. You should be beyond disappointed that this comment was left on a post directed towards your army.

I’m not making accusations and I’m not sure who left the comment. Whether it be a Water Vikings troop who left it, a member of their HICOM, or a random community member, it was left in defense of the Water Vikings. They read our post and choose to comment that to Sidie, who likely has never interacted with them or shown them any type of hostility or hatred. What I want to point out to you Water Vikings is that is the type of hatred you have attracted through your posts to us. I know your history, I know of a lot of the people you call friends and have chosen to affiliate with in the past but that comment cannot be ignored. Your posts to us can be brushed off as army drama, but the unnecessary transphobia and toxic attention your posts have gathered cannot be brushed off. If you’d like to continue making posts about us go ahead, but I expect blatant transphobic, toxicity, and any type of behavior like this to be dealt with and spoken out against.

In conclusion, your posts are garbage and lack any substance whatsoever. Thank you for all the attention you’ve given us, our website stats are booming. Keep up the good work WV.

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