Objective: Resurgence

Attention People’s Imperial Confederation:


Looks like it wasn’t my final HOO RAH, after all. Objective: Resurgence is dawning upon the People’s Imperial Confederation and shall be executed in full effect today, February 2, 2022. We have witnessed a large number of retirees return to aid our army in recent days, and myself and my charismatic gargantuan biceps shall be no exception. Thus, I shall be returning to the helm of the People’s Imperial Confederation for the duration of this endeavor. My leadership will consist of reconstructing the graphics on the site to be pristine, and talking about how sharp my jawline is on a regular basis. I intend to make this my final stand in armies, as my last HOO RAH with PIC was originally intended to be. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to do Ab Ripper X. Bitch.

Premier of the Congress of Soviets
Legend and Paragon
and once again

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