[US/UK] CPAT’s Incompetent February Forte

Greetings PIC!

We logged on today for the February Forte, a tournament organised by Club Penguin Army Times (CPAT). Facing the Warlords of Kosmos, we logged onto Warzone expecting a fair fight to be remembered. Now I’ll be remembering it for the wrong reasons.

Warlords of Kosmos fought amazingly and I thank them for the wonderful battle. There is an issue that needs to be addressed, however. During the lead-up to the battle the PIC leadership has had completely mixed signals on the allowance of the usage of allies in battle. 16 hours before the battle I had Bscharbach2, the head of CPAT, in my direct messages telling me PIC could not bring allies in our battle with WOK today. This is a standard rule in most army tournaments so I shrugged it off as a formality. The rules of the tournament also stated allies were not allowed.

In the meantime, our second-in-command Ferdthebird1 (also an official at CPAT) told us that allies are allowed, stating that Bschar and him would need to discuss the issue at a later time. This confused myself and the leadership, as the two highest members of CPAT were at odds and didn’t determine beforehand whether or not the usage of allies in the tournament was allowed. Our ally, the Army of Club Penguin, asked Bscharbach before the battle whether or not he could bring ACP troops to attend for us, to which the answer was no.

I appreciate WOK for the battle and they performed exceptionally today. However, CPAT’s indecisiveness ultimately led to an incredibly flawed battle. I have no idea how this battle even reached overtime. We did amazingly with our tactics and speed, I am very proud of you all. I however question the judgement of the judges, who let this go to overtime despite WOK’s dominance.

I also thank Ferd and Bschar for organising this tournament as I have not seen a small/medium tournament held in quite some time. In spite of this, the February Forte tournament has been poorly organised with a lack of communication. Had I been given clear instructions of the usage of allies I’d have called as many ACP troops as I could. I only allowed Mchappy to attend for us once it was clear that allies were being used for the battle. I implore CPAT to develop a cohesive communicatory structure. This was an embarrassment.

Thank you to all the PIC troops who came, you did phenomenally. Extra thanks to Ferd who led much of the battle exceedingly well. Once again, thank you to WOK and I wish them the best of luck in facing DV in the finals. I’ll see you all another time.

Max Size: 10

Until next time!

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