Soaring High – Promotion of Ferdthebird1

Greetings Confederates,

It is not usual for promotions to be announced with a post on our website. I, however, have taken it upon myself to do so on this occasion.

The People’s Imperial Confederation is a grand community with a wonderful team. Our fourth generation has been a great success as of now with activity returning to our server once more. It has been difficult for much of the leadership and higher command to maintain activity due to school and other commitments. We have prospered despite this. Our success would not have been possible without the addition of Ferdthebird1.

Ferd joined our team through an application alongside Spinister to join our team. He has done his absolute best in recruitment, achieving the Top Recruiter medal early into his tenure. Filled with motivation and vigour, Ferd has helped in leading events alongside myself consistently as demonstrated during the February Forte and March Madness tournaments. Serving as a great role model and dominant figure in our army, it is only right to recognise his efforts.

On behalf of the Congress of Soviets and PIC leadership, I hereby promote Ferdthebird1 to Commander-in-Chief. Furthermore, as the First Secretary of Congress I bestow upon him the Medal of Valor for his leadership efforts during February Forte and March Madness.

Be sure to congratulate Ferd on this achievement, for it is well deserved. I, as well as the rest of the leadership, look forward to working with him in continuing and improving the prosperity of the fourth generation.

Until next time,

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