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Week (Well, Two Weeks) in Review [19/03 – 01/04]

Hello Emo Mikey Confederation!

The past two weeks have seen significant improvement in the Emo Mikey Confederation! There’s definitely a major status in our future, but for now, let’s cover the past two weeks in-depth.

[19/03 – 25/03]

[AUS] Battle Training – 19/03

Max: 8

[EU/NA] Training – 21/03

Max: 7

[EU/NA] Training

Max: 8

26/03 – 01/04

[AUS] Chipmunk Clash!

Max: 8

[EU/NA] Mission: Atlantis

Max: 13!

All in all, the past week especially was very solid for us, PIC! Here’s to many more great weeks and potentially an increase to major!

-Sweater, General-pułkownik

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