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Commander Birthday?! Week in Review [02/04 – 08/04]

Greetings Comrades!

Another week has gone past, and that means another late Week in Review! I hope all of you who celebrated Easter had a wonderful weekend. Shallissa and I happened to find many chocolate eggs around the house. We had several events last week, lets dive into the results! Also, one of our Commanders will be having their birthday tomorrow! I wonder who it is? Find out at the end of the post!

[AUS] Operation: Tax Evasion – 5/04

Max: 12

[AUS] Practice Battle vs. ACP – 6/04

Max: 6

[EU] Space Squids Takeover – 8/04

Max: 10

Thank you all for another amazing week! PIC has been doing very well recently, hopefully we can continue this trend and keep building our size. Tomorrow, the 14th of April, will be the birthday our Commander Shallissa! Be sure to wish her a happy birthday. It is such a pleasure and a privilege to have Sha on our team and I hope she has an amazing day, as a co-leader and as my girlfriend. Until next time, PIC!

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