Project Conquest: DCP, Defense of Sidie’s Retirement Home

Hello members and non-members, I hope you are having a great day. Anyways yesterday we had a battle against DCP where we defended our territory Sidie’s Retirement Home (heh). We had a okay max of 10 at the event, even with our major size disadvantage we fought very fluently with quick speed, at some points even overpowering DCP’s tactics but with their size advantage and overall more consistency they won. I am still very proud of you all and hope you have a great day.


CP Rewritten: June 2021 Item Catalogue Hidden Item Guide!

Hey Confeds!

It’s that time once again! The Gift Shop Item Catalogue for June of 2021 has finally been released! There are plenty of new secret items hidden throughout the catalogue, the locations of which I have compiled in screenshots below. This month I have many personal favourite Items and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way! All the new hidden items have been highlighted in red in the images below!

For the previous guide of May 2021’s hidden items, click here!

Time for my favourite items of this month! I must say there’s quite a few, so brace yourselves!

One of my favourite hidden secrets would be the Saturated Sombrero, Saturated Poncho and Pair of Maracas. You can find them all located on Page 1! I love the old Club Penguin vibe.

Another one of my favourites is the Starlet Eyes, hidden on Page 2! Isn’t it so adorable?

Last but not least is the Rainbow Hoodie! You’ll find it hidden on Page 5. A fun twist on a Club Penguin classic!

That is all the hidden items for this month’s CP Rewritten Gift Shop Catalogue. Let me know what your favourite item from this month is on the PIC Discord server! Until next time!

Creator and former Commander-in-Chief

Project: Conquest Defense of Beanie vs WV [RESULTS]

[Note: Screenshots below were taken by the Water Vikings as we had no pictures of our own. As such the following pictures don’t show PIC’s max]

Hello Members and non-members, yesterday we logged onto Ascent to defend our territory Beanie against WV. We had a wonderful max of 10 which isn’t our best but it was good enough for us to put up a solid fight. Although we lost we fought as hard as we were able to at the time, which makes me proud. I hope you have a great rest of your day!-Aydoon

Project: Conquest “Battle” vs Red Ravagers [RESULTS]

Hello members and non-members I hope you are having a great day. Anyways today we logged onto Ascent to fight against RR for project conquest. We Invaded their territory L’Manburg and it turned out successful (mainly because they no showed) Even then we still had a max of 15 at the event today and a plethora of wonderful tactics beautifully executed by all of our members. Make sure to check out the defence of Ur Mom against TCP tomorrow and have a great rest of your day!!