[US] Invasion of Pine Needles (FREE LAND)

Hello, Confederates and Comrades!

Today, we logged onto Marshmallow, Club Penguin Rewritten, to invade the unclaimed territory of Pine Needles! We maxed 15 in today’s glorious land seizure. Our invasion was successful, and therefore we are now the proud owners of this beautiful server.

Max photo


PIC Commander-in-Chief & President of the Congress of Soviets

[US] Operation: Gold Digger

Hello, Confederates and Comrades!

Yesterday, we logged onto Marshmallow, Club Penguin Rewritten, for our Operation: Gold Digger event! Achieving a max of 16, we paraded around the island digging for gold. Thank you to everyone who attended, as everyone who attended helped make this event super awesome!

Max photo

PIC Commander-in-Chief & President of the Congress of Soviets

Silence on the Eastern Front – End of World War VIII

This is an official statement from the Cabinet of the People’s Imperial Confederation Congress of Soviets .

On this day the war between the People’s Imperial Confederation and the Water Vikings army comes to an end. Sequentially, the Second Silver Rush War (or World War VIII as described by the Club Penguin Army Wiki) is over, with all members of the Vengeance Alliance and Western Bloc making peace with their counterparts.

The official war score is: 23 – 2 – 3 (Wins – Ties – Loss)

The score for the war on the Eastern Front is: 4 – 1 – 1 (Wins – Ties – Loss)

Please note that there is no official winner of this war as agreed upon by all armies in the peace pact.

Thank you to all of those who participating in this war and everyone who supported us. This war was one of the biggest the Confederation has ever taken part in and I am immensely proud of you all. With World War VIII over we, the People’s Imperial Confederation, will continue to stand strong and march on as we prosper into the future.

[US] Unscheduled Training

Attention People’s Imperial Confederation:

Today, November 14, 2021 the People’s Imperial Confederation logged on the server Marshmallow to partake in a swell unscheduled training. A massive thank you to all those who attended, and we hope to see you once again in future events. HOO RAH!

Max: 13

For the People!

Premier of the Congress of Soviets

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[US] The Pink Duck Migration

Hey Confeds!

Tonight we logged onto Marshmallow, CPR for our Pink Duck Migration event. We gathered at the Ice Berg dressed in our pink inflatable duck costumes as we got ready to quack and waddle our way around the island. The event was a huge success with 14 members in attendance. Thank you so much to everyone who attended!

Max Size: 14

Room One: Docks

Room Two: Ice Rink

Room Three: Ski Village (Never Again)

Until Next Time!

[US] Confederates vs Clovers

Hey PIC!

Today we logged onto Marshmallow for a fun practice battle against our allies the Army Of Club Penguin! We gathered at the Iceberg with a fierce max of 13 penguins in preparation for our friendly battle. We marched off to combat, battling it out at the Ice Rink, Iceberg, and Mine Interior all while performing spectacular tactics and formations. A special thanks to everyone who participated today, and of course to ACP for battling us! 

Max Size: 13

Room One: Ice Rink

Room Two: Iceberg

Room Three: Mine Interior

Until Next Time!

[US] PIC’s Jetpack Joyride

Hello Confeds!

Today we logged onto Club Penguin with our nifty jetpacks for our Jetpack Joyride event! We soared throughout the island with a maximum size of 12! We started in the Town before flying to the Docks, ending our event at the Ice Berg. We performed various tactics excellently, preparing ourselves for our upcoming practice battle against the our Army of Club Penguin allies. Thank you to everyone who came to the event, you are all amazing!

Maximum Size: 12

Until next time!

[US] Winter Fashion Extravaganza!

Hey there Confeds!

We logged onto Marshmallow today for a lovely Winter Fashion Parade! With the new November Gift Shop Catalogue being released we thought it’d be fun to dress up in our warmest attire for our first event of the week. With 14 stylish penguins online we waltzed from the Town to the new Welcome Room, ending our event wonderfully at the Cove. Everyone submitted their winter outfits and the Commanders decided on a winner, Slick89, with Sarus and ChilledNico placing as the Runners-Up! Congratulations to all of you, and thank you to all those who attended!

Maximum Size: 14

Winter Outfit Winner: Slick89

Winter Outfit Runners-Up: Sarus and ChilledNico

Until next time!

[US] Tale of Two Servers: Defense of Ice Breaker and Pine Needles

Greetings Confederates!

We logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten today to defend our land from the Western Bloc. The Water Vikings decided to invade HF and PIC at the same time, which resulted in us changing servers numerous times to ensure victory on both fronts. We successfully repelled WV at both defenses, maxing 14 at our starting room. Thank you to everyone who came, the Confederation stands strong once more!

Maximum Size: 14

Starting Room:

Battle Pictures:

Until next time!

[US] Invasion of Snow Day (3-0)

Hey there Confeds!

Yesterday we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for another battle against the Water Vikings and Western Bloc. With a max troop size of 11 we successfully invaded the server Snow Day, winning all 3 rooms with the support of our fantastic Vengeance Alliance allies. Let us maintain our momentum as we continue to find success on the Eastern Front. For the People!

Maximum Size: 11

Until next time!