Breaking The Ice – Battle With The Ice Warriors [RESULTS]

Hey Confeds!

Today I am writing a blog post for a battle I did not attend (Sleepy Sidie) but I’ve heard good things about! PIC logged onto Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten for another fun Practice Battle with the Blizzard and Polar divisions of our good Ice Warrior friends. The battle was led by our HICOM and some Moderators for the most part, and for that I am very proud of all of you! With a max of 14 PIC troops online, I’ve been told that formations were excellent as well as many tactics. Excuse me for my choice of event pictures, I’ve had to ask IW leader LawCorazon to kindly provide some screenshots of the battle, and as such they don’t exhibit our best moments from the battle. Regardless, a very big thank you to all those who helped in leading this battle as well as all those who attended!

Until next time!


Clash of the Clover Defenders! (PIC vs. ACP Practice Battle)

Long time no see!

Hello everyone, today we logged on to Ascent and practiced battling against our friends, the Army of Club Penguin! As always, the ACP put up a great fight. Unfortunately, we had a lot of lag this battle! With a max of 16 members online, we managed to plow through the lag and persevere with great tactics! I would like to say a special thank you to Major ThePieLord for helping me immensely throughout the battle. Great job today!


AUSIA Leprechaun Lads Event [RESULTS]

Hey Confeds!

Today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for our AUSIA Leprechaun Lads Event, in which we took advantage of the limited time CPR code “SHAMROCKPACK” and donned some classy green Saint Patrick’s Day clothing! With 10 PIC members online, we met in the Plaza before dropping into Tomato Town to gun down some children. We performed excellently with some great tactics, make sure to attend our Practice Battle with the Army of Club Penguin tomorrow!

Until next time!


March Madness 2021: PIC vs SWAT [RESULTS]

Good Afternoon Confederates!

Today we kicked off the very first battle of CPAHQ’s March Madness Tournament with an exciting battle against SWAT!
We battled it out on Crystal [CPR] with 15 members in attendance, all whilst filled with excitement and eagerness to win! We performed astoundingly, with fast creative tactics, neat formations, and smiles on our faces!
The battle concluded with SWAT’s victory; however regardless of the results, the Commanders are beyond proud of everyone who attended and gave it their all today!

Thank you to CPAHQ for giving us opportunity to participate in their very first tournament! We had so much fun and we hope there are more to come! And of course a special thank you to SWAT for giving us such a fun battle today!
Thanks so much again to all of our members, staff, and hicom who attended! Remember to keep an eye on our Discord to be informed of upcoming events, and as always have fun and be safe!

Until next time!!


30 Minutes In The Oven: PIC vs PZF! [RESULTS]

Hey Confeds!

We faced off against the Pizza Federation for the first time in half a year in a friendly Practice Battle, preparing us for the upcoming battle against SWAT in CPAHQ’s March Madness Tournament! Meeting at the Ski Village on Abominable, at :00 we swiftly bombed the Stadium and began our fight against the friendly pizza folk. With a max of 16 PIC penguins online, we performed extraordinarily with amazing tactics and formations. The battle was an absolute blast, with all in attendance having loads of fun! I’m so proud of everyone. Be sure to attend the Tournament Battle with SWAT tomorrow! For The People!

Until next time!


The Search Ensues: AUSIA PIC Treasure Hunt! [RESULTS]

Hey there PIC!

We logged onto Abominable on Club Penguin Rewritten today for PIC’s very first Treasure Hunt! I had compiled 10 small images of places around the island (as shown below) that our PIC members were tasked to hunt down after we performed a couple of excellent tactics. With a max of 10 members present, the Confeds embarked on their search to find the locations in question. The event ended with our very own Commander Shallissa and Admiral Jake winning the hunt, finding 7 out of the 10 in total! Congratulations to all of you, everyone performed exceptionally well (even though I picked a couple hard ones). Remember to check our Discord and see if you can attend the practice battle with the Pizza Federation tomorrow!

Until next time!


For The People! People’s Imperial Confederation 1,000 Member Special

Hello everyone! I am here with some exciting news!

On the now historic early morning of March 11, 2021, The People’s Imperial Confederation officially hit 1,000 members in it’s Discord server!!

This announcement comes after countless hours of recruiting, dedication, love, effort, and a scary amount alt accounts lol. When PIC’s third generation began, The Congress of Soviets and veterans were all in agreement that this generation would be fully centered around love, friendship, and lots of fun. Thanks to the recruiting efforts from everyone in our newly revived army, our 150 member server doubled in size in less than 2 days. We continued those efforts daily, with dozens, sometimes even up to a hundred new members joining each day. We were beyond amazed with what we were accomplishing and the people we were meeting. Before we knew it we had created a community where players from all over the world gathered to join us as we played Roblox, Minecraft, Among Us, and of course Club Penguin. We feel with passion that through our daily efforts we are accomplishing the mission statement of this generation each day. We thank you all for helping PIC get to this point,

Although our Recruitment Bureau was just formally brought back yesterday, the mods and high command involved deserve a special shoutout for working together to recruit 200 members in 24 hours. Throughout the past two months they have all spent so much time working to build our army and maintain the friendship and love our army was built on, and thrives off of. The Commanders are beyond proud and grateful for their dedication.

Now it’s time for an invites leaderboard shoutout! (only accounts for February and March’s invites)

1.) Shallissa with 1,243 invites
2.) Phoebe with 118 invites
3.) CoffeeBean with 86 invites
4.) PieLord with 80 invites
5.) Sidie9 with 101 invites
6.) SupremeP0wer with 39 invites
7.) Maya with 30 invites

Everyone got so many! I’m so proud!

Once again, thank you so much to the leadership, staff, and high command who worked their butts off to get us here. We are so amazed by your efforts and beyond proud of what you’ve accomplished. I hope you are proud of yourselves as well. <33




Hey Confeds!

Today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for Operation: HELLOMARCH, in which we equipped our yellow jackets obtained by the new limited-time-only ‘FREEMARCH’ item code. We met at the Plaza before slowly making our way to the Docks and later the Ice Berg, in which we were greeted by our good friends Bam117, Koloway, and a couple others. With a max of 10 members online we had an excellent time, with some cheeky tactics by Commander Emma and some laughs brought by Bam117’s outfit dancing animation. Be sure to check our Discord and react if you are able to attend the Ice Warriors practice battle tomorrow!

Until next time!


Special Operations [Declassified]: Volume #1


This is a unique blog post, delving into some never-seen-before operations that the People’s Imperial Confederation has conducted within this army’s lifetime. I’ve felt like writing a post like this for a while but I’ve never had the motivation to do so. In this article we will explore a couple of “Special Operations” that PIC members (notably the High Command) have conducted, bringing forgotten stories to light in the process. I am unsure as to whether another addition of “Special Operations [Declassified]” will be released in the future, if so, this will be the first. Let’s dive into these two operations, each of which vary in significance.

Operation #1: RFCP’s Brutusian War

On the 19th of February 2020, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) declared war on the Club Penguin Romans, at the time a medium-sized army powerhouse of the Club Penguin Rewritten army community. RFCP was prompted into aggression by a raid of a training event, in which multiple accounts logged on to troll RFCP members. Prior Bumble (and RFCP’s ZCA intelligence group) believed to be conducted by none other than former RFCP General (3ic) Cabin, enlisted as a third in command of the Romans. Their reason for believing so was due to CSY giving Cabin’s name as the likely culprit.

Screenshot taken from the RFCP blog.

Despite poor Cabin declaring his innocence, RFCP Commander Prior Bumble and his ZCA refused to believe him. This would result in the ignition of the Brutusian War.

Screenshot of Prior adamantly demanding the removal of Cabin despite his declaration of innocence.

The raid would lead to an intense conflict between the Romans and RFCP, with vitriolic hatred being present on both sides. Little did either of them know, however, that Cabin was telling the truth.

In a Discord group chat, a group of friends known as the Half Face Gang (HFG) were on a voice chat as they commonly would be. The core of HFG would go on to become some of the most prominent members of PIC, though PIC was not active at the time in question. These people – myself (Jemma), Phoebe, Emma and Dawnables – decided it would be fun to do a bit of trolling at an unsuspecting RFCP training event. This raid was conducted on a voice chat, so there are few records of the matter in question, though below are two screenshots of a discussion about the raids in the HFG group chat:
(Note: the deactivated account is the old account of our current Marszałek, Phoebe)

For the record: I was “whoregasm”.

Since our friend Dawnables was an ACP moderator at the time, she was questioned about the raid, but ultimately she cleared our names to ensure that her place in ACP would not be compromised.

With the raid concluded, we had never intended to start an entire war, but instead poke some fun and annoy the Recon Federation. Though Cabin was a casualty of our actions, we found humor in the idea that we had achieved something far greater than any trolling could give us. We fooled RFCP into barking up the wrong tree.

Operation #2: Retaliation

Though this tale isn’t nearly as exciting as the previous, it is one of continued trolling and a strike back against the RFCP raids of April-May 2020. During this period, the Recon Federation would raid and harass the People’s Imperial Confederation at events. RFCP would also plant ‘alt’ accounts on our Discord in order to gain our trust and provide intelligence to RFCP as to when we would hold events for them to raid (one of which was Esme, the alt account of CoffeeBean, who is now our Kommandant). On one fateful day in May, RFCP would raid a PIC game in an attempt to ruin our chances of having fun. Enough was enough, and after weeks of being raided, the PIC High Command struck back.

The raid was grand, with RFCP Commissar (2ic) Coolj believing our fake alibies of being new recruits.

Not soon after, the defacing of the game began.

The raid would later be blamed on Anonting (why they thought ANONTING of all people would raid a Skribbl, I don’t know), completely oblivious to the prospect that the Confederation might do a bit of retaliation themselves. PIC got away with it easily. Though this would be the only raid of an RFCP event during the Great Resistance, we sure got a kick out of it.

Thank you for reading this post! If you enjoyed or would like another addition to this series, be sure to let me know in the PIC Discord! Until next time.


Bears Run Wild: PIC’s Second Divisional Battle [RESULTS]

Hey Confeds!

On this Saturday we held our second Divisional Battle between our very own Toboggan Tigers and Beanie Brown Bears! With the Tigers led by Commander Shallissa and Kommissar Maya heading the Bears in Emma’s absence, our two divisions faced each other head-to-head on the battlefield once more. With 16 PIC members attending in total, we met at the Night Club for some joint tactics before embarking on our conflict in the Pet Shop and the Stadium. Though both sides performed phenomenally, it was decided by the High Command that the Beanie Brown Bears would take home the victory, with the Divisional Scoreboard now charting 1-1 in a tie. Thank you to those who came, congratulations Bears!

Our very own Supreme attending while on an airplane.
Literal orange.

Until next time!