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[PIC Minigame Championship 2022: Day 2] ROBLOX Doomspire Brickbattle Event

Attention, Confederates:

In continuation of the PIC Minigame Championship 2022 festival, today, January 11, 2022, we had three games of Doomspire Brickbattle on ROBLOX to see who would come out on top for its 2nd day.

This week has still just begun! You do not want to miss out the other fun events we have planned for this week because they’re going to be absolutely amazing. Make sure to check the events channel within the People’s Imperial Confederation Discord server for this week’s schedule!

Note: Those who are considered the winner of a round are those who were on the winning team of that specific round.

Round One
WINNER: Ace (ally)

Round Two
WINNER: Ace (ally)

Round Three
WINNER: Ace (ally)
WINNER: Kurumi

Results of the PIC Minigame Championship 2022 thus far:

1st Place
Ace (ally) – 3 WINS

2nd Place
Cabin – 2 WINS

3rd Place
Kurumi, Maya, Plays – 1 WIN


Event Pictures



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