Expanding The Confederation: OPERATION: Imperatoria


Hello People’s Confederates!

The ACP/RPF and RFCP war has concluded in RFCP, EGCP and ST boycotting Club Penguin Armies, meaning many of their servers are now free real estate. The gracious RPF has granted us two servers, Sled [CPATG] (our new capital) and Wild Island [CPPS.me]. This is a perfect opportunity for the PIC to have more territory under our banner!

We will be invading the South-Eastern tip of the Club Penguin Armies server map. Our invasions will begin on Frostbite, which will be followed up by Toboggan and Snow Shoe. Parka, Deep Freeze and Yeti are still to be decided!

Prepare for the revolution, troops!


PIC Commander in Chief

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