In a glorious Unscheduled, PIC Prevails!

Greetings, Friends.

I am Proditor, an adviser around here! On this splendid EST evening (Errr, Australian morning…), we decided to have an informal event of the people and for the people on CPR’s Sleet! Indeed, we had a great time performing tactics and getting to know each other. We also succeeded in assisting a drill team at the ice berg tip it, which further goes a long way in showing the magnificent feats that we can accomplish in the days to come. As well, we averaged 10 or so troops and maxed at about 12 or 13. Thanks everyone for coming and performing the tactics so well! Great things are for sure in store for us; fun projects should be ahead, so stay tuned for more, dear people! Long live the People’s Imperial Confederation!






Until next time, take care, Friends!

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