CPAM Challengers Cup: PIC vs Aliens [VICTORY]

Greetings Confederates!

Today has been perhaps one of the most historic days in the Confederation’s history. We logged onto Klondike on Club Penguin Armies: The Game, facing one of PIC’s greatest challenges yet. Never have we fought in a tournament before, and we recognized that CPAM’s Challengers Cup is our time to prove ourselves as a formidable force in the community. That is exactly what we did. After an impressive battle fought between PZF and LGA, as well as a great performance by CG and CC, we faced off against the Aliens of Club Penguin. We fought with all our might and performed greater than anyone could have expected. We absolutely decimated our fair opponent, maxing 21, averaging 20-21 throughout. This perhaps the greatest battle and event in PIC history. We will be facing the valiant Crimson Guardians in the next round of the tournament. Let’s show them we mean business. Viva Victory! We will never slow down.

The Confederation will never slow down. This is our time. For the people!

Commander in Chief

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