[EDITORIAL] PIC’s incredibly low max: how did it happen?

Hello, Lizzie here. I’m starting this post not in red but in black because this isn’t like your average PIC post. I am here simply to share my opinions and views on this problem, and it’s probably over 2,000 words so I can’t express it anywhere else. In this post there will be a contents page of what I’m going to be discussing.

  1. The rise of PIC’s max and the Challenger’s cup.
  2. Multilogging accusations, in full detail.
  3. The decline of PIC’s high max.

I’ll start this post off with number 1, the rise of our max. The usual PIC max way before this decline was probably 8 or 9. With the Challenger’s cup fast approaching, PIC’s maxes rose as people came to help out our beloved army. And we progressed! If you want to catch up on the CC battles, then the links are here: https://picclubpenguin.com/2020/05/19/cpam-challengers-cup-pic-vs-aliens-victory/, https://picclubpenguin.com/2020/05/21/cpam-challengers-cup-semi-finals-pic-vs-crimson-guardians-victory/, https://picclubpenguin.com/2020/05/24/challengers-cup-finals-results/. I won’t explain this in full detail on how our maxes came to be, but reading these posts should be a rough idea as well as several non-CC themed events.

Now for section 2, the Multilogging Accusations. We had suspicious and mysterious penguins log on for our CC final battle. These penguins were not in formation and they looked horrible. Immediately we had suspected we’d been ambushed, or simply raided. The penguins we not PIC soldiers to say the least, we didn’t know them from the discord. Before the earthing accusations (because he was PIC at the time and might of had some involvement in these penguins) we had no clue of earthing’s past, some of us did but the vast majority didn’t. We let it slide, not thinking about it.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what suspicious penguins were there at the battle.. Here’s a screenshot of them, provided by our lovely Maya:

We do not know who’s penguins these are, but somehow they matched up with earthing’s ip. And somehow Jemma’s, Jemma doesn’t multilog. It wouldn’t of been Jemma. Anyway, after we reported these penguins and the ips got found we demanded a rematch to make it fair. However, people thought we were clearly multilogging and didn’t give us one. PZF won the battle, and stated that we’d apparently accused them of multilogging, which didn’t happen in the most slightest.

Now onto section 3, the interesting section. The decline of the maxes. This happened because people found us apparently ‘multilogging’ and left PIC. Earthing had left, where he committed several other multilogging crimes in which became CPAM’s multilogging scandal. Somehow, PIC grew from a 8 max to a max of rarely 5. Sure, this was because of the multilogging accusations and such but how can an army how was doing so well just decrease altogether? It’s certainly something we’re all pretty interested about, it could be because people where losing interest or didn’t want to be in an army that multilogs. But behind-the-scenes people where leaving for RFCP, a place where nobody wants to go. I won’t get into detail about RFCP. A lot of stress was put on the HICOM to provide events and such for the army, and with several break days in a row it might have affected the max in a negative impact. Something we didn’t want.

Now, I’m going to end off this post by saying ‘I know you don’t want to attend events, or do recruitments or such. But we want to grow our numbers again. This army used to be splendid, I want those times to return. I’ll do anything, I’ll even schedule all my events to be recruitment events. I want this army to return strong.’

And, to end things off properly, a question to all the readers. How do you think the maxes dropped? And what are your opinions on this post? I’d love to read them.

Sincerely, Lizzie.

PIC’s rock Kommissar since 2020.

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