Challengers Cup Finals Results

Greetings Comrades

We went head to head against Pizza Federation (PZF) in the finals on Saturday, May 23rd 2020. During the whole battle, it was neck and neck and despite of us having a higher max, PZF took the victory with a 1-0-2. I’d like to thank all of the armies we went up against, you all did amazing and gave us good experience. I would also like to thank CPAM for allowing us to compete in this tournament. Thank you so much for this and we hope to be invited to any future tournaments you host. Throughout this tournament, we were able to get a max of 26, that’s the highest we’ve ever maxed. I know in the future, we will get that max again and be able to get the trophy in another tournament. I’m so grateful for being able to lead alongside Sidie and Emma throughout this time. I appreciate you both, for all of the things you’ve done. You both did amazing leading in this tournament. Thank you to whoever came, you’re all stars in your own way. Let’s continue to grow and get stronger as time goes on. I love all of you.

Commander in Cheif

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