In Memoriam: The Confederation

Welcome to the blog of the now defunct People’s Imperial Confederation, founded on October the 17th 2019.

At its height, the Confederation was one of the most influential small/medium armies of the era. PIC had fought a war of independence against the Army of Club Penguin, participated in World War Rewritten, resisted against the Recon Federation, and finished in second place at the CPAM Challengers Cup. After internal struggles and drops in size, PIC was attacked on three fronts by the Red Ravagers, Pizza Federation and Templars during our period of recovery, This irreversibly damaged the Confederation, and the army closed on August the 17th 2020, merging with the Water Troops to form the (now closed) Tamales army.

Let this website serve as a memory for the People’s Confederates who cherish the memories that had been forged here with one another.


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