PIC Returns: Skribbl.io Event! [RESULTS]

Hello PIC!

Today, on the 7th of January, the Confederation came back with its first event of our third generation! With Club Penguin Rewritten unavailable, we held a Skribbl.io game with our new recruits and had an extraordinarily fun time. With a whopping 26 PIC members attending, we had to divide our event into two separate Skribbl.io sessions. The winners and runners-up of each game received special roles on the Discord:

First Session:
– NarcEmo (Champion)
– Sha (2nd) and Sidie9 (3rd)

Second Session:
– Emma, Maya (Champions)
– Phoebe (2nd), Aydoon2 and Therr (3rd)

Thank you to those who attended! Make sure look out for other events in the future.

Session One
Session Two (with Dino’s amazing Brazilian flag)

Until next time!

Commander in Chief

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