The Confeds Return To Club Penguin [RESULTS]

Hey all!

The People’s Imperial Confederation logged onto the brand new HTML5 Club Penguin Private Server “CP Chapter 2” for our return to Club Penguin! We tested out the brand new CPPS throughout the event, beginning with multiple tactics and formations which were brand new for the many PIC members who had recently joined. We followed this up by heading to the Ski Lodge and playing some Find Four with our fellow comrades (though Aydoon and Supreme decided to play some Mancala instead). In total, a max of 15 members attended our first Club Penguin event, with several others unfortunately facing connection problems and other issues. All attendees have received Beanie Coins, and all Privates have been promoted to Lance Corporal. See you all at the next event Confeds!

Until next time!

Commander in Chief

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