PIC’s AUSIA Hide and Seek [RESULTS]

Hey Confeds!

Today we logged onto Abominable on CP Rewritten for our most recent AUSIA Hide and Seek Event! We congregated in the Plaza while ACP and SWAT troops passed through (as they were holding events on the same server), and after a few tactics we began the hunt! With 11 PIC troops in attendance we had a marvelous time, with clever hiding spots leading to a couple of good laughs. In the end, Commander Shallissa was crowned the best hider, surviving all 3 rounds! Thank you to those who attended. Be sure to attend the upcoming inaugural PIC division battle between the Toboggan Tigers and the Beanie Brown Bears!

Aydoon squished between the rocks.
Laylay trying to hide beneath the life-savers!
Emma hiding as an ACP troop. Iconic.
Supreme’s attempt to communicate through Safe Chat.

Until next time!


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