PIC’s First Divisional Battle! Tigers vs Bears [RESULTS]

Hey there PIC!

We logged onto Ascent today for the first ever Divisional Battle between PIC’s own Toboggan Tigers and Beanie Brown Bears! With all troops in excitement and anticipation, we met at the Docks for some joint tactics. The battle would soon commence in the Stadium, continuing in the Mine Shack Interior. With a max of 20 online, the Bears were led by the amazing General-polkovnik David/Proditor whereas the Tigers had our outstanding Commander Shallissa at the helm. Although the battle was intense and close throughout, the event concluded with David giving the victory to the Tigers! Congratulations to all of those who participated, which means the Tigers are now 1 point up against the Bears in divisional competitions. Keep an eye out for more divisional battles and events in the future, Confeds. Viva Victory!

Until next time!


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