Phoenix Rising: The People’s Confederation is Resurgent:

Hello, Friends!

Because I personally love Pokemon so much, I’m going to preface this hopefully-profound recollection and proud moment with a few collectivist-inspired lines otherwise taken directly from Gotta Catch ‘Em All:

Every challenge along the way
With courage we will face
We will battle every day
To claim our rightful place

Come with us, the time is right
There’s no better team
On and on we’ll win the fight
It’s always been our dream

And, heck, yeah, after some days of contemplation and preparation, which truly was made possible by the renewed spirit and positive energy given by you all to us and each other, the People’s Imperial Confederation emerged from charred shadows. The once seemingly insurmountable strike from oblivion’s lair finally retreated. Expanding beyond the valley of obscurity upwards to the mountains of fortitude and greatness, we have again pushed forward for a more-wholesome and enjoyable community to be shared by all, here and elsewhere. With appreciation to our beloved comrades and allies everywhere in and around the army network, and intrinsic hearts of happiness, we reopened our our gates on a monumentally-bright note. The PIC, we believe, was meant for resounding glory throughout this cyber-society. The Phoenix of the People is resurgent and soon to be ascendant. Will you join us for the online adventure of a lifetime, counterparts?

(Found from

In times past, the Confederation, despite its unwavering and broad commitment to social democratic norms via warm correspondence, perhaps took things a bit too seriously regarding the quest to find meaning and order within Club Penguin Warfare. With good intentions, we would schedule multiple events for a single day, and admittedly, the various sieges on our operations in prior generations did not totally bring out the better in us. During our deliberations over monumental hours, we knew that this renewed pact must put lightheartedness and fun as paramount to the soul of our collective. With benevolent and also looser expectations down the road, PIC has been sure to provide all involved, immediately or otherwise, with a constructive and entertaining experience never to be forgotten and always cherished.

Indeed, as we strive, more now than ever before, for the complete interpersonal gaming experience for you all, we commenced activities on many new platforms alongside conventional CPPS locales, from Roblox to Among Us, Minecraft, and possibly, we’ll even add on the likes of Runescape and Star Wars MMOPRG communities. Our adept competitors and kind compatriots alike will gain more prestige and command than ever before, and expect more cool prizes including and also beyond Nitro/robux gifts in times from here on out.

Once more, the social-confederate hicom, having joyously welcomed back legendary innovators like Manu, LuckyLuigi, and Phoebe and also ecstatic to have amazing and creative folks such as Shallissa, Maya, Attai, Elizabeth, and Ethan on board, doesn’t just wish you all good material fortunes from here on out. We love you all for who you are, and this family will only enrich all and eternally-expand from here on out.

Stay tuned, and as always, FOR THE PEOPLE!

Until next time, take care, Friends!

David “SirProditor/Xgthrecgtejm,”

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