Rainbow Rampage

The People’s Imperial Confederation high command and leadership is thrilled to announce a fun-filled week of Rainbow Rampage! Join us May 3 through May 8 for activities, prizes, and tons of fun!

How it Works
This week will be full of games, exciting events, and tons of colorful excitement as we compete with one another to become the Rainbow Rampage Champion!
Each day will be themed a different color with events and activities surrounding the theme! Participating PIC members can attend these events, play games, and participate in our chat to be entered into our Rainbow Raffle to win Nitro, Robux, awards, and the title of Rainbow Rampage Champion!! Wear your best colorful outfits to each event with a chance to win our Best Dressed awards at the end of the week!

Schedule: (Event Times in PIC Server)

Monday: Purple!
Purple Pals Event – Club Penguin Rewritten
Wear your most exciting purple costumes!

Tuesday: Green!
Green Queens (And Kings!) Event – Club Penguin Rewritten
Live like royalty and show off your most extravagant green attire!

Wednesday: Orange
AUSIA – Nothing Rhymes with Orange Event- Club Penguin Rewritten
Orange you glad we are having an orange themed event? Come dressed
in an outstanding orange outfit!

Skribbl.io – Link Sent in PIC Server
Paint the colors of the rainbow during our Skribbl.io event!

Thursday: Pink!
Perky Pink Party – Club Penguin Rewritten
Gather at Maya’s igloo in your most fantastic pink clothing!

Friday: Yellow!
Break Day!!
No CPR events will be scheduled; leaving the day open to play other fun games!

Saturday: Blue and Red!
Battle with SWAT!
Come dressed in the official PIC Uniform as we battle it out with our friends
from SWAT!
After the battle we will announce our giveaway winners,

We are so excited for Rainbow Rampage and we hope you are too! Keep your eye out on our events channel to be informed of event times and other important information. I hope you all have an amazing week!


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