PICCP Purple Pals Event

Good morning, evening or night depending on what time you’re reading this. Today, The People’s Imperial Confederation held our first Purple Event of our amazing Rainbow Rampage Week on Club Penguin Rewritten with Pie and me {Maya} leading . After three rooms of Docks, Stadium and lastly Iceberg, we had an amazing and enjoyable time. We maxed a total of 15 stunning people that joined us. Everyone was amazing with the tactics and so much fun. Thank you all for the fun time and well done to all who came and you all were lovely. I know like others I can’t wait for the next other events in store for us. I hope everyone reading this has a splendid day!

∩ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔつ━━★.・。*༶・✧Ily

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