Shallissa and SupremeP0wer’s Retirement

Hello PIC members or anyone else reading!

I joined the CPA community in June 2019 on a complete whim. After a rough couple years of personal issues I was in desperate need of supportive people and a distraction. My first year or so of armies definitely gave me a distraction, but I was far from happy. My insecurities, unhappiness, and trauma were projected out of me as my personality and loving heart completely vanished; I was downright miserable and it was so obvious through my words and actions. I remained like that for months, over a year actually, until I reconnected with my old friends: Jemma, Emma, LuckyLuigi/Supreme, Phoebe, Rowan Alden, RaiRai, Proditor/David, Liam, Maya, Noob, and tons of other amazing people. Before I even knew what was happening they had pushed life back into me, I was myself again. They forgave me for things that definitely didn’t deserve forgiveness and showed me a type of love and friendship I had never experienced before.

Each of them inspires me each day to be the best version of myself; a person full of love, good spirit, and friendship. Together, many of us worked to revive PIC for its third generation where I was given the honor of serving as Commander in Chief of the People’s Imperial Confederation for six incredible months.

After half a year of amazing memories and incredible accomplishments, I will be retiring alongside my boyfriend SupremeP0wer this coming Saturday, June 5: my two year army anniversary.

Leading the People’s Imperial Confederation has been a phenomenal experience that I will never forget. During my time as Commander, our Discord server has grown by over 1,000 members, PIC has achieved maxes of 20+, and together through shared leadership efforts PIC has established itself as a prominent S/M army full of success and amazing members. I have made friendships strong enough to last a lifetime along with enough memories and funny moments to keep my mind entertained for years. Leading PIC has brought out a positive side of me that now permanently resides as a strong point of my personality. I am proud to have served in PIC and I am beyond proud of our high command, moderator team, members and what they have contributed to our army. 

Supreme throwing a snowball at my face

I am retiring with full spirits and a strong feeling of accomplishment. I believe I have accomplished everything I was meant to in this community and I am happy with the positive impact I have had on my army and the people I love. Where there is an end there is a new beginning and I am beyond excited to see where life takes me; I have really good feelings about my future, especially my future with Supreme. Despite retiring as leader I intend to remain an active figure in PIC and the CPA community as much as I can.

SupremeP0wer and I hereby promote ThePieLord and Aydoon to the rank of Commander-in-Chief, to lead alongside Phoebe in PIC’s newest chapter of leadership. Their rank takes effect this coming Saturday following our retirement event. I am confident that they will fill our shoes well and lead PIC into new opportunities and accomplishments. The love I have for PIC and its members will remain in my heart as long as I live. PIC members, continue to be strong and spread love as you always do. I love each of you so very much. For the People!

me and the homies ❤

SupremeP0wer’s Letter

Well, it’s that time and this shall be my final retirement. I’ve accomplished my purpose in this community and it’s time for me to move on with my life. Before that happens, I wanted to express a few things in this letter to you the reader.

You’re never alone: A lot of people I know here likely struggle with mental health problems. I think if you’re anywhere near my age or older you likely have before: This isn’t inherently bad. Resorting to playing a game you enjoyed from your childhood in a time of sadness or discomfort is fine, but please learn how to separate your real life from this stupid kids game that should have died years ago. Never prioritize it over your well being.

Pride is the devil: Never catch yourself with an unhealthy prideful attitude.

That ends the advice I have to give, moving onto a few honorable mentions.

Jemma – thanks for being here throughout it all and never losing hope in me when everyone thought I was a lost cause. It’s because of people like you and a few others that I’m still around today. I appreciate you a lot

Emma– My yellow buddy, you’ve been here to support me since day one of this shit. You and Red were actually the ones who dragged me here and I’ll probably never forgive you two for that… JKJKJK ILY seriously thanks for being a better friend than I could ever ask for.

Phoebe – You’re a smart kid and don’t let anyone look down on you. Fuck them. Never sell yourself less than what you’re worth. I also would like to thank you for sticking by my side through the thick and thin and not abandoning me like many in CPA have.

Attai/Rowan Alden– Miss you buddy. Hope all is well and thanks for simply trying your best to do the right thing at all times. You’re too pure and genuine to be in a place like this. Go focus on your future endeavors and I guarantee you’ll be successful in life.

Last, but certainly not least:

Shallissa – Where do I begin? I honestly can say I haven’t met a more compassionate and caring person. I can say without a doubt that I know you better than anyone else here, so listen loud and clear. You’re pure in heart and beautiful. You care so much about other people, especially these kids in PIC. For the past 5-6 months you have worked tirelessly to make PIC what it is today so they could have an escape. Thanks for being the best co-leader and the best girlfriend I could ask for.

Honorable mentions:
Maya (WWCP UK Leader)
Ayan (bring cpam back!!)
Cherry Cherry
Da Best

Until Next Time!

PIC Legend and Former Commander-in-Chief

PIC Legend and Former Commander-in-Chief

One thought on “Shallissa and SupremeP0wer’s Retirement

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