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PIC’s Defense of Beanie Against Sidie’s Rangers

Good Evening Comrades!

Tonight, in an exhilarating battle the People’s Imperial Confederation successfully defended Beanie against Sidie’s Rangers with a strong max of 16 Confederates.

Confederate soldiers stormed the Mine Interior ready to take on the deranged Camperjohn64 and settle this Toboggan-Outback border dispute once and for all. Weeks worth of tensions were ready to fought out on the battle field as our special operations team prepared to remove the tyrant Camperjohn64 from power.

Confederate Soldiers awaiting the arrival of Camperjohn64 and Sidie’s Rangers

When we entered the Mine Interior we did not see Camperjohn64, we did not see Sidie’s Rangers. We were bamboozled.

But where was Camperjohn64 you may ask? We sent our special operations team to find out the answer to that very important question. Warning: The answer may shock you.

Camperjohn64 doing Karate with Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Russia

Camperjohn64, the People’s Imperial Confederation implores you to face us head on in combat and settle this dispute once and for all, like real soldiers. Unless of course, you want to admit your long-time fear of the People’s Imperial Confederation and forfeit your claim of the Outback territory.

The People’s Imperial Confederation’s next moves are based entirely off of the compliance of Camperjohn64
Until Next Time? The choice is yours Camperjohn64

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