War Again? No Way!


Attention to the people: Sidie’s Rangers have time and time again displayed a pattern of disrespectful and ungrateful behavior towards their loving and supportive colonizers (us). I, the unfathomably muscular, PIC tyrant, LEGOMAN received a rather unsettling direct message from Sidie’s Rangers Governor General, Mansionz after arriving back from my one-thousand pound deadlift session. The direct message is shown below:


I was also approached by Sidie’s Rangers Governor General, Doctor Mine Turtle himself, whomst reposted my beautiful essay about the Fire Warriors and turned it into a copypasta:

This is no way to repay their loving and hospitable colonizers. As soon as my gorgeous eyes caught a glimpse of the utter disrespect showcased in that very screenshot I decided there was only one course of action. WAR. I approached the Congress of Soviets with a masterful plan to turn our joke invasion of Sidie’s Rangers into a real invasion, with real consequences. Tonight we march on our old colony with the utmost urgency and force. We shall reclaim what is rightfully ours and vanquish all freeloaders. In short, the People’s Imperial Confederation officially renounce our colonization of the Sidie’s Rangers, and declare WAR on the Sidie’s Rangers. This war shall be known as the War of Reintegration.

The war name is self explanatory.

  • This is a head-on war between the People’s Imperial Confederation and Sidie’s Rangers
  • Third-party armies are prohibited from invading or declaring war on PIC until such time that this war may be deemed to be concluded either by treaty or submission.
  • Server transfers are hereby frozen.
  • Neither army shall send or receive servers from third-party armies until such time that this war may be deemed to be concluded either by treaty or submission.
  • The usage of allies is allowed. However, no merges or acquisition of colonies may happen until the war concludes.
  • No Doxxing, DDoSing, excessive harassment, multilogging, botting, or any other form of cheating.
  • All battles must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance in which the opposing army leaders must be notified (24 hours in advance).
  • Tactics that target any leader of either army in an offensive/egregious manner are forbidden.
  • All battles will count towards a total war score.
  • Sidie’s Rangers cannot hoot until further notice.
  • Any violation of the terms above will result in an automatic defeat, a force treaty as well as the transfer of all servers from the offending army to the opponent.

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