[AUSIA] Battle vs ACP!

Greetings PIC!

The AUSIA Division of People’s Imperial Confederation logged in CPA Battleground on 17th February in the server Battleground to face out our allies Army of CP in a fierce Practice Battle! We began gathering in the Beach and did some warmups to show our full power in the battlefield, and proceeded to the Iceberg to battle ACP, and did some fabulous tactics and showed our stength to ACP! Next, we headed to the Cove, and spent some enjoyable time in the battlefield, maxing a total of 12 penguins online!

Maximum Size: 12

Notjay21 is a PIC Lance Corporal.

Warmup Room: Beach

Room 1: Iceberg

Room 2: Cove

Stay tuned for more events, see ya!


Dowódca (4ic)

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