Emo Mikey Confederation

Hello Confederates! Today I am going to be indulging in PIC Lore, a famous face in the Confederation; Emo Mikey.

Emo Mikey is a loved figure in the community, he is endorsed by all PIC HCOM and is used at various times. Emo Mikey was first introduced into the army in 2021, the first mention of Emo Mikey was in a message sent by Langly, which reads “emo mikey grind never stops”. He has since then been an influential part of PIC.

Where did Emo Mikey come from? You may be one of the many asking that question. Emo Mikey is a character in the manga ‘Tokyo Revengers’, you may also be aware of a certain other character called ‘Ran’, who has also popped up in the Confederation. Ran comes from the same manga.

Emo Mikey was first pushed to publicity by Langly and Moshi, who used him to get troops to log on. He is now a much loved figure of the PIC community and now even has a commemorative sticker & emoji. What do you think of Emo Mikey? And here’s the important question; should Ran be given a commemorative sticker & emoji?

For the people! Langly.

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