What is PIC Humor & what is dubbed as PIC Humor

I am writing again; alas I cannot stop myself.

After today’s AUSIA, I felt a need inside of me to write this post. I feel that what is known as ‘Peak PIC Humor’ should be shared amongst every troop so they can relate. Hence why I am writing about the Significance of Memes in the People’s Imperial Confederation.

Since it’s opening in 2019, one of PIC’s main strengths has been it’s meme output. Here at PIC, we like to generally have a laugh and joke around. Nowadays, we still do (no surprise there). I have already posted about one specific meme, Emo Mikey, he will be mentioned amongst this post as well. First, I’d like to direct your attention to a meme that has been relevant since 2020. Holy Rock.

‘Holy Rock’

Holy Rock, as I’ve mentioned, has been around since 2020. PIC troops would gather around said rock and praise it. Holy Rock has been very significant for PIC, it is widely regarded as the reason that ‘Peak PIC Humor’ exists today. Recently, Holy Rock has made a shock return.

Holy Rock 2020:

Holy Rock 2023:

‘Langly is Bald’

The next meme is very significant, ‘Langly is Bald’ has been at the height of PIC humor for the longest of times. The meme stems once again from 2020, when Langly ‘removed her hair’ during an event and went bald. This meme has resulted in many tactics and many memories. The phrase has also been rephrased to ‘Langy is Bald’.

‘Emo Mikey’

I have already explained the origins of Emo Mikey. He first appeared in the PIC discord server in 2021 and is now the unofficial mascot and a favourite with the troops. He is seen as a ‘sigma male’ and has ‘unlimited rizz’ in the world. His sigma mindset allows him to be at the height of PIC.


No image for this one, but ‘Pissq’ was a meme that began in 2021 by a user named kid, who claimed he ‘liked pissq’. The message became well-known in the PIC community and an emote was made.


Ran is a fictional character that was first sent in PIC in the year 2021 by Langly. Although he somewhat isn’t a meme, he is a very honourable mention here.

‘Mountain Dew’

No image here either, but ‘Mountain Dew’ became a meme in the army in around 2021 by Cabin. It even won an award for ‘Best Meme’ in the Sidie’s that year.

‘Charles Entertainment Cheese’

This meme stems from 2021/2020, one of the earliest memes in PIC. It also stems back from a youtube video which I will kindly link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNLgmdMto1A.

‘Ferd likes Piss’

I am inducting this into the PIC humor. This meme was started in 2023 by Langly, and from a variety of messages sent on Club Penguin Army Battleground.

Honourable mentions include the varying amount of times I have been misgendered in the PIC main chat, Philip the Handsome, and those ‘Lizzie is Burning’ memes. ❤

For the People! Langly.

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