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[US] 4/25/23 Fashion Contest

Hello Soldiers!

Today, we logged onto Club Penguin Battleground and held our first ever Fashion Contest of this generation! I’m very proud of our turnout today and I’m proud to say that the growth won’t stop there! Operation: Build Back Better is not only the people’s call to battle, but the leaders too. We’ve started various programs back up again to ensure that not only we grow in max, but we grow as an army altogether. We tend to learn from each other, understand each other, and become better. Our very dedicated leaders and staff are working very hard to ensure that we make the People’s Imperial Confederation will not only be strong in our AUSIA division, but our US and UK division as well.

Picture of our contestants choosing their next outfit for Round 2, Deep Sea

Max Picture of 9

Our winners are, Ferdthebird1 our commander, SWAT Ally Pineapplecitizen, and our newest soldier, The leader of Armenzia! Congrats to all winners, and we hope to see you at our AUSIA ARENA: QUALIFYING BATTLE! Join our discord here –> https://discord.gg/8BSrFEVp7P

For the People!


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