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[AUSIA] First Offensive: Invasion of Supreme’s Gun Collection

Greetings People!!

Today we logged onto CPA Battleground for the second battle and our first invasion of the Bloodbath Barrage War!!! However, guess who decided to not show up again? That’s right! D(o)rk Vikings handed us another free victory this fine day. We had a maximum size of 16 penguins at the battle. That makes the war score [2-0-0] in favor of the Sapphire Concordat alliance. 

Below are some pictures from our battle, who knows maybe DV is just wearing invisibility cloaks?

And folks, don’t worry! This war will not be all boring and lopsided. We have talked to DV leaders regarding which time they will actually show up, so we can legitimately beat them. For now, you can enjoy this image instead:

Until next time!

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