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Small/Medium Army Community vs. ACP!

Hello everyone!

Today, the PIC alongside several of our friends from the S/M Army community faced off against ACP in a reenactment of “Order 67”, a battle from 2008! We fought the Green Giant alongside the Pizza Federation, the Golden Troops, Crimson Guardians, and the Red Ravagers! We maxed 13 members at the reenactment, great work and special thanks to our friends for making this a fun battle!

Created by Sidie9!

Bears vs. Tigers: Los Osos Salen Victoriosos!

Happy Saturday!

Today, we faced our in yet another divisional battle: Beanie Brown Bears vs. Toboggan Tigers! The Bears were led by me while the Tigers were led by our very own, Phoebe! Our divisions went head to head with a max of 12 and did an amazing job today with quick speed. However, we all agreed that the Bears came out on top! Congratulations to my team, the Beanie Brown Bears! Great work Tigers, it was close! See you next time!

April Fools’ Parade!

Hello Comrades!

Today, we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for an April Fools’ Parade! We dressed in our wackiest outfits and paraded around the (somewhat gloomy) island on this special day! We maxed 12 members today and wonderfully performed speedy tactics! Happy April everyone!

Practice Battle Against IW! (Blizzard v. PIC v. Polar)

Good afternoon everyone!

Today, we logged on and maxed 16 members in yet another practice battle against our allies, the Ice Warriors! As always, their divisions were brilliant and put up a great fight to train our troops. I am so proud of all of you today for putting your best foot forward and performing excellently! See you next time!

Nature Strikes Back! (PIC Roblox Event)

Good afternoon everyone!

Today, we logged onto Roblox to play Natural Disaster Survival once again. With a max of 15 members, we ran for our lives to beat Mother Nature at her own game. However, some fared better than most! Our top survivalist was Plant, congratulations Plant! Thank you to all who played today, see you next time!

Special thanks to Aydoon for taking screenshots of each round results!

Home Sweet Home: PIC Igloo Contest (Results)!

Good morning/evening/night!

Today, the PIC logged on to Abominable for a spectacular igloo contest! The theme for this contest was “Home Sweet Home”, a theme that was left up to the interpretation of the participants. We started off the event with a few tactics, where we maxed 16 members! When the igloos were ready, Commander Shallissa, Sidie, and I ventured through each participants’ igloo. It sure was tough, but we finally settled on a winner: Lieutenant Sarus! Sarus created such a lovely and cozy igloo which won them first place! Congratulations Sarus! I also want to congratulate our two runners-up, Captain Celestia and Warrant Officer Doggo (! bruh moment69420). Thank you to all who participated in this amazing event! See you next time!

Tix’s Igloo.
Pie’s Igloo!
Celestia’s Igloo.
Slick’s Igloo!
Sarus, our champion’s igloo!
Maya’s lovely garden.
E’s Igloo!
Doggo’s Igloo!

Clash of the Clover Defenders! (PIC vs. ACP Practice Battle)

Long time no see!

Hello everyone, today we logged on to Ascent and practiced battling against our friends, the Army of Club Penguin! As always, the ACP put up a great fight. Unfortunately, we had a lot of lag this battle! With a max of 16 members online, we managed to plow through the lag and persevere with great tactics! I would like to say a special thank you to Major ThePieLord for helping me immensely throughout the battle. Great job today!


PIC Has A Pizza Party! (Pizzatron 3000 Tournament!)

Hi everyone!

Today, the PIC gathered in the Pizza Parlor for a Pizzatron 3000 tournament with a max of 15 members. We started off with a few tactics before racing to the kitchen to see who can make the most pizzas! Several competitors were neck and neck but only one proved themselves victorious! The winner of the tournament was one of PIC’s 2ics, Narc! Narc served up 38 pizzas, the maximum the game allows you to make! Congratulations Narc and great work to everyone else who participated! See you at the next one!

Our tried and true.
Courtesy of NarcEmo!
Me and the boys.


PIC Troop Lead!

Hello everyone!

Today, we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for the first troop-led event of this generation! We maxed 13 troops at today’s event! Unfortunately, several troops kept getting disconnected between tactics. Despite the bumps in the road, the troops came up with creative tactics that had us all entertained. Great job to those who stepped up and led today! See you at the next event!


Confeds’ in Red! (PIC Red Parade!)

Hey everyone!

Today, the PIC marched all over Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten in our best red getups. With a total of 14 troops at the parade, we did a lot of red-related tactics and had lots of fun! We visited the forest, the Snow Forts, and the beacon at the top of the Lighthouse! Thank you to everyone who came, see you next time!