PIC Takes Flight!

Hey everyone!

Today, the PIC equipped our balloons and soared across Club Penguin Rewritten! With 14 troops in attendance, we had plenty of hilarious tactics that had us all laughing. We even had two of our troops Glamour and Aydoon lead a few tactics. Great work everyone! I hope to see you all at the next event. Stay tuned for more!


PIC Plays Skribbl.io

Hi everyone!

Today the People’s Imperial Confederation gathered to play another session of Skribbl.io! With a total of 20 PIC members attending, we had a lot of laughs! After the games were complete, three winners emerged victorious: Sara, Phoebe, and Cookie! Congratulations to the winners of all three games and thank you to everyone who attended! See you at the next event!


The Blue Return of PIC!

Good afternoon Comrades!

Today, we logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten for our return event! We maxed 4 troops today, thank you to those who attempted to log on anyway. I am so proud of you all for making it to the return of PIC today. In the words of Prod, “Large or small, the collective stands tall.” For the People!

Commander in Chief

Cartoon Takeover! [US EVENT]

Good morning/afternoon/evening Comrades!

Today we had a fantastic US Cartoon Takeover event! We dressed as cartoon characters, featuring classics such as Tinker Bell and Cody Maverick from Surf’s Up (any Club Penguin fans get that reference?) We maxed 4 troops and performed tactics wonderfully! I would also like to take a moment to commend the army for holding together over the past few weeks. I am proud of all of you!

Commander in Chief

PIC EU Event Hide and Seek!

Long time no see Comrades!

Today, we logged on to CPATG server Toboggan for our EU Hide and Seek event, led by General-polkovnik Void and yours truly. We had a fantastic turnout (even though I missed the first ten minutes of the event, thank you to Void for doing such an amazing job leading). We had a max of 8 troops for this fun activity, amazing (sadly, Kommandant Noob and I are not pictured)! I would also like to announce that I am officially back from my hiatus, thank you to Commander Phoebe and our HICOM for doing such excellent work and getting the Confederation back into shape. Until next time!

Commander in Chief

CPAM Challengers Cup Semi-Finals: PIC vs Crimson Guardians [VICTORY!]

Hello Comrades!

Today was an important day for the Confederation. We fought in the CPAM Challengers Cup Semi-Finals against the Crimson Guardians, the former army of Commander Phoebe. We maxed 18 troops and averaged 16-17 throughout. The battle was close, resulting in two ties and our victory in the final room, the Ice Rink. We fought valiantly throughout the tournament and will soon face off against the Pizza Federation in the final battle of the Challengers Cup! This has been an amazing opportunity for us and we are grateful to all who made this an amazing battle! I would also like to commend Crimson Guardians for their vigor in this battle. For the People!

Commander in Chief

Recruitment Event!

Hey Comrades!

Today, the PIC logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten, server Sleet, for our US Recruitment Event! We maxed 8 and got several new recruits! Well done PIC! I am proud of all of you that attended the event. I admire all of you for your determination and dedication through a difficult time in the Club Penguin Armies community. On a more positive note, today is the birthday of one of our most valued troops and members of HICOM, Kommandant Maya! Happy Birthday Maya! I am looking forward to seeing you all at the next event. Have a good day and stay safe!

Commander in Chief

Snow Shoe is Ours!

Good day Comrades!

Today, the Confederation logged on to CPATG and invaded Snow Shoe! We maxed 8 troops during this event and visited the Pizza Parlor, the Cove, then finished at the Ice Rink! Shazy, one of the Confederation’s loyal troops, was promoted during this event as a result of being the only non-HICOM member to attend. Well done Shazy, we love you! The People also wore our most unique hats for this invasion! We performed excellently and executed tactics quickly! We also practiced new tactics today, courtesy of Commander Phoebe. I am so proud of you all, well done Comrades!

Commander in Chief

To the Community

To our fellow community members,

On behalf of the People’s Imperial Confederation, we sincerely apologize. We apologize for the lack of action on our part regarding the unacceptable behavior of former member and leader, Luca AKA LuckyLuigi. As of the 11th of May, 11:15 PM Pacific Standard Time, the person in question has been stripped of all roles and banned from the People’s Imperial Confederation. Had our HICOM known about the intolerable actions of this individual, we would not have allowed them to take shelter in our server any longer. We were not aware of a server dedicated to exposing the private information of several individuals as well. After viewing the evidence displayed in RFCP’s latest blog post, we are deeply saddened and ashamed of Luca’s behavior. Despite our personal differences, the Commanders and HICOM of PIC would like to extend our apologizes to Sha, 3ic of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin for the malice aimed towards her family. The People’s Imperial Confederation does not condone doxxing or bullying of any kind.

To add to this, we would like to inform the community that proven doxxers such as Anonting, have been permanently banned from our server. The HICOM of PIC would also like to apologize for the behavior of former 2ic Kat for her insensitive and inappropriate behavior on social media. Upon being asked to formally apologize, she declined and was stripped of her roles and left the server soon after. We would also like to report that Cobra, a former member of our advisory board, has been stripped of his roles and removed from the People’s Imperial Confederation due to his impermissible behavior and refusal to issue a sincere apology.

We would again like to apologize for the toxicity of these individuals’ behavior inside and outside of the Club Penguin Armies community. The actions of the people mentioned in this letter do not represent the views of the Commanders, troops, or the People’s Imperial Confederation as a whole. Our goal as an army and a community is to promote a positive environment and offer a home to all who enter. Thank you.





Commanders in Chief

The Invasion of Below Zero [CPATG]!

Hello Comrades!

Today, the People’s Imperial Confederation invaded CPATG Server Below Zero. The server is ours! We maxed 11 troops at the invasion. Our troops performed tactics wonderfully despite being raided by RFCP and PZF. However, the Confederation has yet again left our mark on the Club Penguin Community. Excellent work Comrades! This is also my first post as one of the Commanders of the People’s Imperial Confederation. It is an honor to serve as a Commander of this wonderful army alongside Commander Phoebe and Commander Sidie. For the People!

Commander in Chief