No Xing, I Am Not Going Back to Templars

Now that we have gotten that out of the way:

A post like this is long overdue considering the Templars have had it out for the People’s Imperial Confederation since the dawn of our third generation, shortly after my promotion to Commander-in-Chief back in January. We certainly can’t forget last year when Templars assaulted our army during a period of recovery while Sidie9 was on leave.

More recently: After a period of intense aggression in February, Templars declared war on our army because Xing was salty I wouldn’t return as leader. (you’d think he would have given up after I ignored months worth of “when are you coming back” DMs but nah he was persistent)

including this old screenshot because the timing was hilarious

We chose to ignore this war entirely considering PIC was newly revived and we did not want to expose our young troops to their disgusting behavior. However, this came with consequences with both our server and events being raided by TCP members. Along with this, they harassed us and created racist images of our army graphics.

Our feelings of anger towards the Templars and Xing are justified considering many of us here in PIC have been harassed by Xing and his @Squire @Squire @Squire’s (sorry I don’t have room for 50 more pings) in some way shape or form. I wish this was purely political but they have made it personal time and time again, as they do best.

With that said, let me introduce a fun new segment on the PIC website!

Templars Toxic Actions Towards PIC Members: Highlights

Xing calling our former leader the F slur because he didn’t like the battle results
Echo attacking me for being female and for being abused! (how fun!)
TCP insulting our newly revived army (wasn’t the first time)
TCP raiding our event (we added them to our max so I wasn’t too mad)
TCP raiding a tournament battle with NSFW content (minors were present)

Moving on:

As a former leader of Templars, I know more than most that their controversies will never end because no one in power sees an issue with it. An edgy sense of humor can be tolerated by most but Templars leadership have crossed too many lines and too many people have been hurt/wronged as a result of their behaviors. Templars hide behind a façade of religion and “holiness”, but in reality they are the least holy army in all of CPA. No amount of “crusades” and bible verses can justify their treatment towards others.

PIC has worked to maintain peace between ourselves and other armies which is why we have ignored each one of Templars attempts to anger us. However, their recent harassment towards organizations and members of other armies have motivated us to no longer be passive towards their toxicity. After hearing of the war between SWAT and Templars and the common ground we share, we decided as an army to finally speak out.

The People’s Imperial Confederation officially declares support for SWAT in their fight against Templars toxic behaviors. We officially declare Templars an enemy to the Confederation due to their actions towards us and other members of the community. We formally invite PIC members to assist SWAT in their fight against harassers and bullies.

ok back to retirement I go

PIC Chairwoman and Former Commander-in-Chief

Shallissa and SupremeP0wer’s Retirement

Hello PIC members or anyone else reading!

I joined the CPA community in June 2019 on a complete whim. After a rough couple years of personal issues I was in desperate need of supportive people and a distraction. My first year or so of armies definitely gave me a distraction, but I was far from happy. My insecurities, unhappiness, and trauma were projected out of me as my personality and loving heart completely vanished; I was downright miserable and it was so obvious through my words and actions. I remained like that for months, over a year actually, until I reconnected with my old friends: Jemma, Emma, LuckyLuigi/Supreme, Phoebe, Rowan Alden, RaiRai, Proditor/David, Liam, Maya, Noob, and tons of other amazing people. Before I even knew what was happening they had pushed life back into me, I was myself again. They forgave me for things that definitely didn’t deserve forgiveness and showed me a type of love and friendship I had never experienced before.

Each of them inspires me each day to be the best version of myself; a person full of love, good spirit, and friendship. Together, many of us worked to revive PIC for its third generation where I was given the honor of serving as Commander in Chief of the People’s Imperial Confederation for six incredible months.

After half a year of amazing memories and incredible accomplishments, I will be retiring alongside my boyfriend SupremeP0wer this coming Saturday, June 5: my two year army anniversary.

Leading the People’s Imperial Confederation has been a phenomenal experience that I will never forget. During my time as Commander, our Discord server has grown by over 1,000 members, PIC has achieved maxes of 20+, and together through shared leadership efforts PIC has established itself as a prominent S/M army full of success and amazing members. I have made friendships strong enough to last a lifetime along with enough memories and funny moments to keep my mind entertained for years. Leading PIC has brought out a positive side of me that now permanently resides as a strong point of my personality. I am proud to have served in PIC and I am beyond proud of our high command, moderator team, members and what they have contributed to our army. 

Supreme throwing a snowball at my face

I am retiring with full spirits and a strong feeling of accomplishment. I believe I have accomplished everything I was meant to in this community and I am happy with the positive impact I have had on my army and the people I love. Where there is an end there is a new beginning and I am beyond excited to see where life takes me; I have really good feelings about my future, especially my future with Supreme. Despite retiring as leader I intend to remain an active figure in PIC and the CPA community as much as I can.

SupremeP0wer and I hereby promote ThePieLord and Aydoon to the rank of Commander-in-Chief, to lead alongside Phoebe in PIC’s newest chapter of leadership. Their rank takes effect this coming Saturday following our retirement event. I am confident that they will fill our shoes well and lead PIC into new opportunities and accomplishments. The love I have for PIC and its members will remain in my heart as long as I live. PIC members, continue to be strong and spread love as you always do. I love each of you so very much. For the People!

me and the homies ❤

SupremeP0wer’s Letter

Well, it’s that time and this shall be my final retirement. I’ve accomplished my purpose in this community and it’s time for me to move on with my life. Before that happens, I wanted to express a few things in this letter to you the reader.

You’re never alone: A lot of people I know here likely struggle with mental health problems. I think if you’re anywhere near my age or older you likely have before: This isn’t inherently bad. Resorting to playing a game you enjoyed from your childhood in a time of sadness or discomfort is fine, but please learn how to separate your real life from this stupid kids game that should have died years ago. Never prioritize it over your well being.

Pride is the devil: Never catch yourself with an unhealthy prideful attitude.

That ends the advice I have to give, moving onto a few honorable mentions.

Jemma – thanks for being here throughout it all and never losing hope in me when everyone thought I was a lost cause. It’s because of people like you and a few others that I’m still around today. I appreciate you a lot

Emma– My yellow buddy, you’ve been here to support me since day one of this shit. You and Red were actually the ones who dragged me here and I’ll probably never forgive you two for that… JKJKJK ILY seriously thanks for being a better friend than I could ever ask for.

Phoebe – You’re a smart kid and don’t let anyone look down on you. Fuck them. Never sell yourself less than what you’re worth. I also would like to thank you for sticking by my side through the thick and thin and not abandoning me like many in CPA have.

Attai/Rowan Alden– Miss you buddy. Hope all is well and thanks for simply trying your best to do the right thing at all times. You’re too pure and genuine to be in a place like this. Go focus on your future endeavors and I guarantee you’ll be successful in life.

Last, but certainly not least:

Shallissa – Where do I begin? I honestly can say I haven’t met a more compassionate and caring person. I can say without a doubt that I know you better than anyone else here, so listen loud and clear. You’re pure in heart and beautiful. You care so much about other people, especially these kids in PIC. For the past 5-6 months you have worked tirelessly to make PIC what it is today so they could have an escape. Thanks for being the best co-leader and the best girlfriend I could ask for.

Honorable mentions:
Maya (WWCP UK Leader)
Ayan (bring cpam back!!)
Cherry Cherry
Da Best

Until Next Time!

PIC Legend and Former Commander-in-Chief

PIC Legend and Former Commander-in-Chief

PIC’s Defense of Beanie Against Sidie’s Rangers

Good Evening Comrades!

Tonight, in an exhilarating battle the People’s Imperial Confederation successfully defended Beanie against Sidie’s Rangers with a strong max of 16 Confederates.

Confederate soldiers stormed the Mine Interior ready to take on the deranged Camperjohn64 and settle this Toboggan-Outback border dispute once and for all. Weeks worth of tensions were ready to fought out on the battle field as our special operations team prepared to remove the tyrant Camperjohn64 from power.

Confederate Soldiers awaiting the arrival of Camperjohn64 and Sidie’s Rangers

When we entered the Mine Interior we did not see Camperjohn64, we did not see Sidie’s Rangers. We were bamboozled.

But where was Camperjohn64 you may ask? We sent our special operations team to find out the answer to that very important question. Warning: The answer may shock you.

Camperjohn64 doing Karate with Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Russia

Camperjohn64, the People’s Imperial Confederation implores you to face us head on in combat and settle this dispute once and for all, like real soldiers. Unless of course, you want to admit your long-time fear of the People’s Imperial Confederation and forfeit your claim of the Outback territory.

The People’s Imperial Confederation’s next moves are based entirely off of the compliance of Camperjohn64
Until Next Time? The choice is yours Camperjohn64

Putting a Stop to the Radical Camperjohn64

It has come to the attention of the People’s Imperial Confederation leadership that our colony, Sidie’s Rangers, has declared war. Sidie’s Rangers has participated in an abundant spread of misinformation alongside their Russian counterparts, in hopes of spreading enough deception to turn our beloved troops against us. We determined this, combined with an array of other offenses, to be an unforgivable crime against the peaceful democracy of the Club Penguin community. As a result of Sidie’s Rangers horrendous acts of treason against the People’s Imperial Confederation, we officially counter-declare war. As this post continues we will expose detailed accounts of the terror we have suffered through the past weeks.

1.) Camperjohn64’s Assault on Democracy

When PIC soldiers had heard that Camperjohn64 the bully had awoken from a 9 year coma after a horrendous moped accident, we were apprehensive. It wasn’t until Camperjohn64 had approached PIC leadership in hopes of colonization that we began to feel safe and at ease. To show Sidie’s Rangers our gracious love and support, we even sent Camperjohn64 a complimentary fruit basket, full of Beanie’s native fruits:

The gift basket was sent to Camperjohn64’s golf resort, located just miles from Camperjohn64 Campgrounds.

Our feelings of peace and joy were short lived: only one day after the colonization became official, the ultra-radical, fascism-worshipping Camperjohn64 began organizing strategic raids on our beloved Capitol Hill.

Sidie’s Rangers ambush of Capitol Hill

We were absolutely appalled by Camperjohn64’s sudden aggression towards our peaceful and legal election. Implying that we, the People’s Imperial Confederation, would steal an election from our very own members proves how deranged and radical Camperjohn64 has become. Aggression from Sidie’s Rangers increased over the next week as tensions between our armies climbed. 

Sidie’s Rangers Attack on DNC Headquarters

The twisted Camperjohn64 had gone too far during the raid of our DNC headquarters. Sidie’s Rangers marched onto the doors of our sacred headquarters and demanded to see emails that never existed. Instead of Sidie’s Rangers focusing on rumored emails, they should be demanding Camperjohn64’s recent Beanie Coin tax return. The release of this important document will prove to the world once and for all that Camperjohn64 is a thief and perpetrator of treachery

2.) Camperjohn64’s Relationship with Russia

Weeks ago, skilled confederate spies reported sightings of Camperjohn64 walking the beaches of Outback with Russian Dictator Vladimīr Putin! Before you scream “FAKE NEWS”, take a look at this photo our team was able to get ahold of! 

Camperjohn64 Walking the Beaches of Outback with Putin

Camperjohn64’s lawyer, Lord Pain, denies any and all claims of collusion with Russia, but certainly this photo proves otherwise! The question must be asked: what was Camperjohn64 conversing about with Putin? Why doesn’t Putin have an ice cream cone? Until those urgent and important questions are answered, we refuse to back down and will fight until Sidie’s Rangers’ bitter end.

3.) Camperjohn64’s Treatment of PIC Troops at the Border

Outback is a Confederate colony, therefore PIC leadership began sending our troops, scouts, and citizens to live a life there full of comfort and prosperity. Camperjohn64 met our troops with hostility, hatred, and hardness in heart; claiming that “these illegal and undocumented immigrants” weren’t welcome in the state of Outback. Ironically enough: the state of Outback was given to us by the great and holy Nancy Pelosi, and is our territory that we allowed Sidie’s Rangers to rule. We are absolutely horrified with a photo released by Confederate spies, of a PIC troop locked away in one of Camperjohn64’s inhumane holding facilities.

PIC Troop Locked Away in Outback Holding Facilities

This is a call for justice! On this night, the 30th of May, the People’s Imperial Confederation declare Sidie’s Rangers a terrorist nation; one that must be conquered at all costs. From starving our crying troops at the border, to trying to abolish our democratic system: PIC Leadership demands that Camperjohn64 be imprisoned for the international war crimes committed against the CPA nation. These crimes cannot go unpunished and the People’s Imperial Confederation will not stop until we receive justice! Camperjohn64 is a dangerous con-artist and everyone must be warned! 

Our fight will continue until our demands are met and we receive free health care for all Club Penguin citizens; including an increase of 75% tax on the top one percent. We also require an increase of minimum wage to 15 Beanie Coins per hour to all Outback residents! 

Most importantly, this war will not end until the Beanie-Toboggan Border Wall is torn down, burned, and a peace treaty is signed.

Confederates, WHO WILL JOIN US? 





Operation: Kite Flight

Hey PIC!

Today we logged onto CPR with our kites for our kite flying event! Operation Kite Flight was a huge success with 15 members in attendance! I hope that everyone who attended had a wonderful time and I hope you have a great rest of your day! I love you all!

Until Next Time!


Maya’s Birthday Event

Happy Birthday Maya!

Earlier this morning PIC members logged on to celebrate Kommissar Maya’s birthday! We had a super fun fashion show in her igloo and we showed off our cute outfits! 15 PIC members attended to wish Maya a very happy birthday! We love you so much Maya and we hope you had an incredible day full of joy and celebration.

Until Next Time!


Emma’s Birthday Event

Happy Birthday Emma!!

Today was PIC Legend, and Former Leader Emma’s birthday! To celebrate we logged onto CPR for a super special birthday event! 13 PIC members logged on to celebrate Emma’s special day and wish her a very happy birthday! Emma, we hope your day has been as amazing as you are! We love you so much!

Until Next Time!


PIC Mountain Climbing Expedition

Hey PIC!

Earlier this week we logged onto CPR to check out the Mountain Climbing event and the new items associated with it! With a max of 13 members we had so much fun climbing the mountain and doing tactics during this event! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Until Next Time!


Jake’s Birthday Bash

Hey PIC!

Today we celebrated Kommandant JakeTheBird’s birthday by logging onto CPR for some fun tactics and a party! 18 PIC members logged on to celebrate our friends special day! Jake, we hope you had an amazing day today! Your friendship and presence in our army is valued so much and we appreciate all that you do for us. You’re such a good person and I hope all your birthday wishes come true!

Until Next Time!



Hey Comrades!

Today we concluded Rainbow Rampage with an incredible battle with SWAT! We greeted SWAT with a max of 18 and some insanely fast tactics and formations that put up a huge fight against them. We all were outstanding today and I am so proud! Our Rainbow Rampage Champion along with our Best Dressed and Giveaway winners will be announced shortly. Thank you so much to everyone who participated this week! Have an amazing weekend!

Until Next Time!