In Memoriam: The Confederation

Welcome to the blog of the now defunct People’s Imperial Confederation, founded on October the 17th 2019.

At its height, the Confederation was one of the most influential small/medium armies of the era. PIC had fought a war of independence against the Army of Club Penguin, participated in World War Rewritten, resisted against the Recon Federation, and finished in second place at the CPAM Challengers Cup. After internal struggles and drops in size, PIC was attacked on three fronts by the Red Ravagers, Pizza Federation and Templars during our period of recovery, This irreversibly damaged the Confederation, and the army closed on August the 17th 2020, merging with the Water Troops to form the (now closed) Tamales army.

Let this website serve as a memory for the People’s Confederates who cherish the memories that had been forged here with one another.


The Barista Bros Uprising [RESULTS]

Greetings PIC!

Today we logged onto Blizzard on Club Penguin Rewritten for our Barista Takeover! This event was especially notable, as it was the first event to occur under the new leadership of Commander Attai/Rowan Alden. For our first event following PIC’s hiatus, we performed exceptionally! We maxed 11 and averaged 9. With the Confederation now in full motion the sky is our limit and the future is bright! Thank you to all who attended.

Commander in Chief

The Endgame: The Future Of The People

Hello PIC.

Over time, the People’s Imperial Confederation has become a home to many people, all of which are friends of mine. I created this army in the Red October of 2019, and when it came back in March of this year it became something I could have never imagined. Within the modern era of CPPS Armies, PIC became a staple small/medium army. After declaring independence from the Army of Club Penguin last year, we fought back with no fear. We assisted our Rebel Penguin Federation allies in World War Rewritten against the Army of Club Penguin once more, we fended off the Recon Federation, and almost won the CPAM Challengers Cup soon after. We were by no means a powerhouse in the community, but we have become an army to remember in modern history.

What matters to me however, is that we are indeed a family. Many armies claim this in an effort to seem appealing and to pander, but the people of the Confederation are genuine friends, even those who have left, and we love each other to this day. Regardless of what the future holds, I doubt this will change any time soon.

Yet despite all of the success and glory of PIC, the army has collapsed. It has been in disarray since the Challengers Cup defeat and its subsequent scandals. Within one week the Confederation had lost around half of its members, and the numbers kept dropping as each day passed. That has not changed. The entirety of the High Command became a cesspool of negativity, with almost all members becoming demotivated and disinterested. We were then assaulted on three fronts by PZF, RR and Templars in our period of recovery and all hope was seemingly destroyed. I have constantly been struggling in the confines of my mind. I feel that the Confederation should not die yet. Much of me inside doesn’t want to lose what we built and the family we have. Maybe I am desperately trying to grasp onto the ruins of something unrecoverable, perhaps the Confederation is at the point of no return. But I don’t believe I am in denial. Not yet, at least. Many days I feel like maybe it is a lost cause, seeing the demotivated High Command. It makes me want to surrender to all the odds against us. But I know I’m not alone, and we can’t give up yet.

It is with great pleasure that I appoint a new Commander in Chief of PIC to serve alongside Emma and I. Acknowledging the struggle of the Confederation, he has opted to return to the army once more. He has reignited a passion within many of us to march on into a future with light in the horizon.

Attai, also known as Rowan Alden, is hereby Commander in Chief of the People’s Imperial Confederation.

Along with the return of Tyler to PIC, several notable members from the army’s history have returned (directly or indirectly), working towards securing the Confederation’s future. Recruiting will be emphasized and a requirement to ensure our prosperity. As a result, much of the army will be restructured including High Command expectations. These changes are necessary for our survival.

The Confederation has become an army to remember and a home to many. We are a family and always will be. It is now the Confederation’s Endgame Era. It is time for PIC to rise from the ashes or fight trying.

As always,
For The People,
Viva Victory!

Commander in Chief

Flight Of The Dragons! [RESULTS]

Hello Comrades!

Today we logged on for our Dragon event, in which we all wore our dragon costumes and soared around the island on Marshmallow! We maxed 12 and averaged 10. This was a fantastic way to continue our start in a new era of the Confederation, and the first event I have led since my return! Thank you everyone for attending. The Confederation is forever and will not falter. For The People!

Until next time,

Commander in Chief

CPAM Challengers Cup: PIC vs Aliens [VICTORY]

Greetings Confederates!

Today has been perhaps one of the most historic days in the Confederation’s history. We logged onto Klondike on Club Penguin Armies: The Game, facing one of PIC’s greatest challenges yet. Never have we fought in a tournament before, and we recognized that CPAM’s Challengers Cup is our time to prove ourselves as a formidable force in the community. That is exactly what we did. After an impressive battle fought between PZF and LGA, as well as a great performance by CG and CC, we faced off against the Aliens of Club Penguin. We fought with all our might and performed greater than anyone could have expected. We absolutely decimated our fair opponent, maxing 21, averaging 20-21 throughout. This perhaps the greatest battle and event in PIC history. We will be facing the valiant Crimson Guardians in the next round of the tournament. Let’s show them we mean business. Viva Victory! We will never slow down.

The Confederation will never slow down. This is our time. For the people!

Commander in Chief

The March Of The Violinists

Greetings Confederates!

Today we logged onto Marshmallow on Club Penguin Rewritten for our Violinist Parade! Due to most of our HICOM being unavailable or discussing the Contrition document with the Recon Federation, the event was led primarily by our Premier Tymatt, who led excellently and with class. We maxed 14, and served as the first event RFCP has not raided in a long time. Thank you everyone for attending! You make PIC what it is today. Viva Victory!

Commander in Chief

The Document of Contrition

Greetings Confederates and members of the Recon Federation.

Before our Violinist March today, RFCP Commander Prior Bumble approached the Confederate commanders, as well as General-polkovnik Proditor and Kommissar Atttai. After a discussion with Prior Bumble and members of his High Command, it has been decided that the People’s Imperial Confederation will hereby apologize to the Recon Federation of Club Penguin, ending the RFCP raids of Confederate events.

After debating whether or not a rock can be considered a document, the People’s Imperial Confederation signed the Document of Contrition, which is displayed below:

The Confederation representatives have signed this document sincerely and stand by every word written in stone. With this document the raids will conclude, and we hope it will cease hostilities as we move forward from this. The Confederation apologizes to the Recon Federation.

Commander in Chief

Commander in Chief

Commander in Chief

For The People – The Grand Defense of Beanie

Greetings Comrades.

Not in a long time has the Confederation faced an opponent in a close full scale battle. Today, the People’s Imperial Confederation logged on to defend the server Beanie against the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. Beanie had been proclaimed our capital following the establishment of the new CPAM neo-army league. With several allies assisting us in our fight, the People logged onto Beanie to face our Recon foes. We fought valiantly, with our strength and willpower shining through. Despite being against all odds, the Confederation fought back the Recon Federation with might they did not anticipate. The battle concluded, with the Recon Federation being deemed victorious in a 2-1 fashion, with PIC winning the Underground Pool.

We may have lost the Battle of Beanie, but let this serve as a message to the Recon Federation. We will never falter. Your raids will not kill us. We will carry on no matter what you do, and how hard you try. We are not weak. We are strong. Stronger than you will ever know. The Confederation lives for as long as we have our determination and pride, and we will never lose either of those. For the people.

Viva Victory!

Commander in Chief

We Are Vibing


Transfer Vegan Hotdogs (PSAL) to us (we’re boutta invade it anyway, good luck) in a formal treaty in which you, in writing, apologize for your disrespect to Phoebe and the PIC and admit submission.

Commander in Chief