[AUSIA] Cancelled Invasion Becomes Training

Hey People’s Imperial Confederation!

A couple of days ago (sorry for the late post!) we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten, expecting to invade more land from the Post Malone/Golden Troop conglomerate. It was cancelled due to a shortage of CP Army Network judges, who could have guessed? Alas, we decided to continue our event as an unscheduled training. Thank you to those who attended and provided pictures, be sure to attend the upcoming Defense of Jack Frost vs GT tomorrow at 4PM EST!

Max: 13

Until next time!

Creator and First Secretary

Challengers Cup 2 Grand Finals: Our Flame Never Dies

Hello People’s Imperial Confederation!

In the absence of Commanders-in-Chief Shallissa and Legoman I find myself once more sitting before my laptop screen at four in the morning. Here I was, leading this army once again in the Grand Finale of the Challengers Cup 2, just as I had in the original Challengers Cup last year. We the Confederation, dauntless and powerful, logged on in an attempt to seize the trophy despite the loss of Shallissa’s wisdom and Legoman’s ginormous biceps.

We fought valiantly and remained a stalwart in opposition to our ally, the Fire Warriors. I cannot praise our performance enough. I am proud of every single one of you and none of you should ever forget what we have achieved. We are perhaps the most significant S/M army of the CPPS army era, among the likes of the Pizza Federation and others, and today we proved why that is the case. We wouldn’t be such an amazing community without all of you.

We went head to head with FW and performed phenomenally. Thank you to Supreme for assistance in leading, as well as those who helped to relay my tactics from the voice channel into text. Both sides acknowledged that the battle was far closer than the 3-0 loss decision made by the judges. Contesting the score would be futile as I believe FW deserve this victory wholeheartedly, congratulations to our amazing allies! They have progressed so much over the past year and are deserving of recognition for their efforts.

This is not the end. Thank you to the entire army for letting me lead you in battle once more. I cherish every single one of you. The rise continues. Viva Victory, Imperatoria!

Max: 19

Starting Room:

Room One:

Room Two:

Room Three:

Until next time!

Creator and First Secretary

CP Rewritten: June 2021 Item Catalogue Hidden Item Guide!

Hey Confeds!

It’s that time once again! The Gift Shop Item Catalogue for June of 2021 has finally been released! There are plenty of new secret items hidden throughout the catalogue, the locations of which I have compiled in screenshots below. This month I have many personal favourite Items and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way! All the new hidden items have been highlighted in red in the images below!

For the previous guide of May 2021’s hidden items, click here!

Time for my favourite items of this month! I must say there’s quite a few, so brace yourselves!

One of my favourite hidden secrets would be the Saturated Sombrero, Saturated Poncho and Pair of Maracas. You can find them all located on Page 1! I love the old Club Penguin vibe.

Another one of my favourites is the Starlet Eyes, hidden on Page 2! Isn’t it so adorable?

Last but not least is the Rainbow Hoodie! You’ll find it hidden on Page 5. A fun twist on a Club Penguin classic!

That is all the hidden items for this month’s CP Rewritten Gift Shop Catalogue. Let me know what your favourite item from this month is on the PIC Discord server! Until next time!

Creator and former Commander-in-Chief

CP Rewritten: Free Items Daily – “Rockhopper’s Daily Treasure”!

Hello Confeds!

The Club Penguin Rewritten team has released a brand new way for users to obtain rare and unique items for free! Every day, penguins will be allowed to redeem one free new item from the new “Rockhopper’s Daily Treasure” interface. Rarer items are accumulated the more weeks you log on in a row. It has been teased that new items such as a Maroon Penguin Colour will be released in rare item chests! Below is a guide for how to obtain Rockhopper’s new items.

A new icon has appeared at the top right of the user interface, next to the moderator badge!

Clicking the icon reveals a brand new screen! Clicking “open chest” will play a short video advertisement before giving you your free item (does not work with AdBlock!)

Once you’ve watched the advertisement (which will vary in length), you will receive your first free item! All item drops are random, and I’ve taken the liberty to unlock three boxes on different accounts to showcase some different possible items!

That’s all folks! Be sure to log on daily to receive your own rare items from Rockhopper’s Daily Treasure. Until next time!

Creator and former Commander-in-Chief

CP Rewritten: May 2021 Item Catalogue Hidden Item Guide!

Hey Confeds!

The Gift Shop Item Catalogue for May 2021 has finally been released! As with last month, I have made an effort to compile all of the new hidden secret items that have been included in the catalogue’s newest pages. Once again, there are many awesome items hidden in the catalogue this time. All the new hidden items have been highlighted in red in the images below!

For the previous guide of April 2021’s hidden items, click here!

My favourite item from this month’s catalogue would have to be the gorgeous Colourful Cardigan! You can find it hidden on page 1. This neck item would be a stunning addition to any outfit!

That is all the hidden items for this month’s CP Rewritten Gift Shop Catalogue. Let me know what your favourite item from this month is on the PIC Discord server! Until next time!

Creator and former Commander-in-Chief

Mountain Expedition Party: Full CPR Guide May 2021

Hey readers!

As of today, the Club Penguin Rewritten team has finally released the grand Mountain Expedition Party! Penguins are now able to explore one of Club Penguin’s giant mountains, filled with puzzles and many awesome items for you to collect! Below is a full guide to the Mountain Expedition Party to make sure that you don’t miss any of the new exclusive items.

To begin the expedition, head over to the Ski Village, which has newly been re-decorated! Pass through the arch to head up the mountain.

You will find yourself in a newly set-up campsite!

Click on this little box to obtain the free Chilly Trek Hat!

Click on the paper parchment at the bottom right of your screen for a great Mountain Expedition Catalogue!

Inside the cave you enter from the campsite, click on all the icicles to make them disappear and open a pathway!

Going through the pathway, you will find yourself at a makeshift campsite along the trail. Continue up the mountain when you’re ready!

In the next cave, you can click on the ice structure at the bottom right to enter a secret room! Return to the cave when you’re ready

Once you’re in the cave again, click on the axe lodged in the snow, and then click it once more when it’s in the air to cut down the wooden log.

Once the wooden tree stump has been chopped down, throw snow balls at the icicles shown below and watch the log fly!

Cross your newly made bridge to finally reach the Mountain Summit!

When you’ve finally reached the Summit, head to the fish dog cart and collect the new Picnic Basket Pin!

You can also collect a cool Red Flag! (A possible item for your PIC uniform???)

Last but not least, stand in front of the camera and click on it to receive the Mountain Summit Background!

That is all the new content from Club Penguin Rewritten’s new Mountain Expedition. I hope you enjoyed this guide and found it useful. Be sure to keep an eye out for guides like this one for other parties n the future!

Creator and former Commander-in-Chief

Bon Voyage! Final Event of Jemma and Emma

For a final time,
Hello Confeds!

The last event for Emma and I took place tonight on the server Abominable on Club Penguin Rewritten. Over a year of our leadership has led to this and it did not disappoint! This was one of the best events I’ve had the pleasure of leading and I will never forget it. 20 PIC members were in attendance, repeating some iconic tactics and having an absolute blast. Thank you to everyone who came, I will never forget you! Leading this army has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, you all have brought me so much happiness and joy. I am forever in your debt. Thank you for all of the kind and heartfelt messages you have sent us, they mean the world to me. Emma and I will still be active in the Discord, so don’t worry about us disappearing.

I wish the best of luck to PIC’s returning Commander Phoebe, along with Shallissa and SupremeP0wer. I know they will work wonders and bring this army to unseen heights. HFG forever <3.

For the people! Thank you for everything.

Until next time!

Former Commander-in-Chief

The Retirement of Sidie9 and Lunch Room

Hello Confederates and all readers.

I created PIC on the 17th of October in 2019 as a passion project with my good friend David, also known as Proditor, for a final run in the Club Penguin Army community. I had no idea that the People’s Imperial Confederation would come this far, and I am so proud that I, along with my team, have worked in creating and molding this wonderful community that so many people call home. My amazing girlfriend Emma (lunch room) joined me in PIC in the March of 2020. Together we have been a fantastic duo of leaders. We have accomplished so much and have enjoyed our long tenure as Commanders-in-Chief of this amazing group. After over one year of service to this army we call home, it is time that Emma and I (Jemma/Sidie9) finally retire this coming Monday, April 19th 2021.

I’d like to thank all of the amazing people who have stood beside me on this journey. It would be a futile attempt to try and name all of you, but I personally wish to thank all those who have led this army beside me: Phoebe, Shallissa, Supreme, David, and Manu (yes, even you). Thank you for sticking with me on this incredible adventure, while also tolerating my bullshit. PIC would not be the same without you, and neither would I. You all mean the world to me. It goes without saying that I want to thank my beautiful partner Emma, as a co-leader and girlfriend, for being so supportive and unwavering without fail, I love you! I wish the best of luck to the future leadership of Shallissa, SupremeP0wer and Phoebe (Say4321). I am excited to see what they can do in a new era without me sticking my dirty fingers into all army affairs. You are my family forever.

I started my army career in 2011 with the Ice Warriors, later creating the first AUSIA Division in army history, then becoming the Commander-in-Chief of the Army of Club Penguin in 2015. While I appreciate everything that came before PIC, nothing is quite the same or comparable to it. This army will eternally hold a place in my heart. Carry on strong, I love you all! For the people!

A Letter from Emma (Lunch Room!)

Hi everyone. Although my army career was fairly short, I enjoyed it nonetheless. Thank you to everyone who helped me out along the way. I have met several of my best friends and my girlfriend since joining this community. I will miss all of you in PIC (even though I’m still going to be hanging around in main-chat). I am so grateful for all of you who make PIC what it is today. I have no doubt in my mind that PIC will continue to be a fun and prosperous environment after we retire. Thank you to everyone who supported me. I love you guys!

Me and the boys.
Me and the boys again.

Until next time, Confeds!

PIC Creator and former Commander-in-Chief

PIC Legend and former Commander-in-Chief

Game Contest With Ice Warriors: Pizzatron 3000! [RESULTS]

Hey Confeds!

We logged onto Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten for a fun Games Contest with our close and beloved ally, the Ice Warriors! With 13 members in attendance, the Confederation showed that our might lies not only in the battlefield, but in mini-games. Both armies went head to head competing in Pizzatron 3000, with each side having magnificent performances and lots of fun! Thank you for attending, be sure to come to the Cops vs Robbers Divisional Battle at 8:00 PM EST today!

Until next time!


CP Rewritten: April 2021 Item Catalogue Hidden Item Guide!

Hey Confeds!

The new Gift Shop Item Catalogue for April 2021 has been released on Club Penguin Rewritten, so I’ve taken the liberty to compile all of the hidden items scattered throughout the new pages in this one post! There are plenty of new and awesome items included this month. Here are the hidden items we’ll be looking at today, highlighted in red boxes:

Make sure to get the adorable Happy and Grumpy Octopus Plushies from Pages 1 and 2! They are the best items in this month’s catalogue, no doubt. AREN’T THEY SO CUTE???

That is all for this month’s item catalogue secrets. Have fun grinding up coins and shopping your hearts out. Until next time!