[US] Operation: Gold Digger

Hello, Confederates and Comrades!

Yesterday, we logged onto Marshmallow, Club Penguin Rewritten, for our Operation: Gold Digger event! Achieving a max of 16, we paraded around the island digging for gold. Thank you to everyone who attended, as everyone who attended helped make this event super awesome!

Max photo

PIC Commander-in-Chief & President of the Congress of Soviets

CP Rewritten: September 2021 Penguin Catalogue Hidden Item Guide!

How’s it going, Confederates?

Recently, Club Penguin Rewritten have released their latest September Penguin Style catalog, and within it many new items, custom items, a lot of secrets. And with it, intruduced a new page that will be changed every couple of catalogs, Wigs. This catalog is themed for the upcoming party ‘The Fair‘ soon this september, so I will be giving you a showcase of all the new items, an revealing all the hidden secret items within it.

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