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Invasion of Mittens [NEW HIGHEST MAX]

Attention Peoples Imperial Confederation:

Today, August 16, 2021, we logged on the server Abominable for a glorious invasion of the historic server Mittens from the cowardly Post Malone Army. Our enemies neglected to show up to the battle, leading to a glorious Peoples Imperial Confederation Victory and successful invasion. Today also marks an extremely momentous occasion for us, as we were once again able to successfully surpass our generation max total. Today we were able to max a grand total of TWENTY-FIVE confederates in attendance for our massive invasion. This day will certainly be remembered and this progress shall not cease, as we grow larger and stronger with each event we hold. A massive thank you to all those in attendance, you have all cemented yourselves in history. For the People!

Max: 25

Starting Room

Sole Room: PIC

For the People!


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